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Psychotherapeutic Reiki – Reiki for Mind and Body

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Can Reiki enhance a Psychotherapy practice? Reiki helps to calm and soothe and may help provide the stillness necessary for positive change. At the heart of the Psychotherapeutic Reiki approach is the position that psychological symptoms and conditions are organized and maintained by ki (subtle energy) in the human energy field and are stored and [...]

Physical Distancing, Social Connection: 10 Ways to Stay Connected and Be Your Best Self  

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As human beings, we need certain things to keep us happy. In addition to Reiki, of course. One is consistent growth. The other is connection with others. You can still get both, even with physical distancing in play. Here are ten ways to stay connected and be your best self – from the coziness of [...]

10 Tips for Sending Distance Reiki to the World During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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As Reiki Masters, Teachers and Practitioners we’re always looking for loving opportunities to share this divine healing energy. And none may be more a propos than the current coronavirus pandemic. The world could definitely use a big dose of Reiki right about now, and these tips can help ensure you send it in the most [...]

Reiki Myths That Drive You Nuts

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Just because you’re knowledgeable about Reiki doesn’t mean the entire rest of the world is. In certain areas and populations Reiki continues to be surrounded by a level of mystique, misconceptions and myths — some of which are absurd enough to drive you nuts. Myth: Reiki is a Cult or Religion While Reiki is certainly [...]

Reiki for Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season

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Quick Tips for Boosting Your Gratitude Thanksgiving is celebrated in the US in November, in Canada it is celebrated in October, and our Japanese friends celebrate a holiday in November similar to Thanksgiving, known as Kinrō Kansha no Hi, or Labor Thanksgiving Day which, traces its origins back more than 2,000 years to a ritual [...]

One New Year’s Resolution that Helps All Others: Reiki

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When it comes to making New Year’s resolutions, many folks immediately starting writing a long list of grand goals they wish to achieve. But there’s an easier and more effective way to go about it. If you make a resolution to ramp up your Reiki practice and Reiki business, all other resolutions may seem to [...]

Investing in Your Business, Investing in Yourself

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Everyone has a mission on this earth, whether they know it yet or not. Once we discover what our mission is, it’s essential to do everything we can to support it – at least if we want success. Those aiming for success as Reiki practitioners and teachers can take several actions to invest in themselves [...]

How Reiki Can Boost Your Creativity

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Creativity comes in many forms, whether it’s making music, forging yard art or even finding an amazing solution to a mundane problem. And Reiki has the power to help fuel your creativity into realms you may have never thought possible. Here’s how and why Reiki can boost your creativity. Reiki Can Boost Your Creativity by Reducing Stress [...]

Integrating Reiki Healing into Your Yoga Practice

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Guess what's missing from your yoga practice? (Hint: Reiki) You have a dozen yoga mats, several stylish yoga outfits, and even a few props. Your past yoga classes, books, and videos ensure you have your poses and sequences down pat. But as you’ve progressed along your yoga journey, you may have started to feel that [...]

A New Look at the Five Reiki Principles

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The Five Reiki Principles For the past months, I’ve been practicing Hatsurei-Ho, a Japanese Reiki meditation technique that incorporates the reciting of the 5 Reiki Principles.  What struck me a few weeks into this practice was the feeling I got from the words that make up the 5 Principles; that a “stern someone” was standing [...]

Reiki…Ten Useful Applications of Reiki Healing to Improve Your Personal and Professional Life

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About Reiki and the Concept of Life Force Energy Reiki is the Japanese name for Universal Life Energy, the source of vitality and the very ‘life force’ that keeps us alive and healthy. Therefore, the fundamental importance of Reiki in life, being critical to our existence, cannot be over-emphasized. Yet, to many the concept of this [...]

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