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If you own or manage a spa, massage practice, medical or healthcare office, palliative or hospice care, integrative health practice such as a Naturopathic, Physical Therapy or Chiropractic office, or wellness business and wish to add part-time or full-time Reiki services to enhance and expand your offerings, please contact IARP for a Free Reiki Job Board listing.

Contact IARP today for a Free Reiki Practitioner Job Board listing so we can help expand your health or wellness practice with dedicated professional Reiki Practitioners.

Jobs for Reiki Practitioners

IARP Professional Members:

Current IARP Professional Members are automatically included in the Job Board and Hospitals Program and when there are opportunities in your area we will notify you via email.

IARP Reiki Professional Members are also included for referrals and at the Reiki Locator as well at the IARP website. For helpful tips to make your listing stand out such as adding your picture or additional description on your services or service area please login at our member site at and scroll down in your Members Area menu to see Members Area > IARP Online Referral Listing.

Reiki Jobs Near Me

Reiki Practitioners are looking for “Reiki jobs near me” every day. If you are a business owner and are looking to grow your practice, increase your revenue, and help more people, take advantage of our Free Reiki Job Board Listings today to find Professional Reiki Practitioners in your area who can enhance your beneficial offerings and can assist you in your organization’s goals. Reiki Job Board Listing Form

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