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Are you a Reiki professional looking for connections that foster positive career growth?
Maybe you want to find ways to maximize your skills while doing something you love?
How about finally getting the recognition you deserve for both your clients and peers?

Whatever your reasons are for deciding to partner with an association designed to drive you to success, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the International Association of Reiki Professionals, IARP. Consider some reasons why this is the only professional organization you need to build your business.

Reiki Means Healing

If you are new to the Reiki community, then we offer you warm greetings. Since the first practitioner, Mikao Usui, laid his hands on the first client, people have understood the power of spiritual healing. As a Reiki specialist, you use this art to help your clients find balance, reduce stress and guide them to personal wellness and comfort.

Through your Reiki practice, you take this ageless invisible life force and connect your clients to its healing power. IARP is there with you, providing essential resources that help you grow in your service.

Power Through IARP Membership

As a member of the International Association of Reiki Professional, you become part of something bigger. IARP opens up your world to new opportunities by introducing you to resources and tools while providing potential clients and students with valuable information. Your membership is a symbol of excellence in the field. It shows your commitment to the art and your dedication to those you serve.

By associating yourself with IARP, you gain:

  • Professional Recognition – Recognition as an IARP member shows that you meet the highest professional standards in the field. IARP members take their practices and their classes seriously and are always increasing their skills to provide the best experience they can for their clients and students. IARP members abide by the IARP Code of Ethics and are up-to-date on all of the latest news, information and offerings in the Reiki world.
  • Information – IARP is your resource to what’s happening in the industry. You are able to make smart business choices based on current trends and real-time education. You see how your practice compares to others and find ways to improve.
  • Advocacy – IARP works for you to ensure that you get the respect you deserve as an allied health professional. You work with fellow practitioners and mentors to grow both as a Reiki artist and business person.
  • Public relations – Getting the word out about your skills and service is half the battle. IARP opens your doors to new clients and business partners. You gain access to marketing assets and services that grow your clientele.
  • Education – Reiki is a timeless practice but one that is ever-evolving. Through IARP, you gain access to continuing education resources to build on your skills.
  • Development – Nothing says grow quite like having our industry association on your team. As a Professional Member of IARP, you work with international experts to develop your personal brand and enhance your business reputation via articles, reports, news, resources and more.

IARP Member Benefits You Won’t Want to Miss

What can you expect as a member of IARP? It starts with recognition. An official IARP membership certificate on your wall tells clients and students that you have mastered the art and abide by the IARP Code of Ethics. The IARP wallet card provides you will mobile proof of membership.

Other benefits of partnering with IARP include:

  • All the News – Your membership also gives you access to articles, tips, the latest news, Reiki research plus our highly acclaimed industry online newsletter The Reiki Report.
  • Inclusion in the Reiki Job Board and the Reiki in Hospitals Program – Connect with interested employers looking to hire Reiki professionals in your area. We also provide you with referrals for classes or speaking opportunities.
  • Referrals – As a member of IARP, you will be included for referrals for your practice and classes plus your professional practice and/or school will appear in our prestigious Reiki Practitioner and Teacher Locator so people searching for services can easily find you and contact you directly.
  • Reiki Certificate Service Program – A must-have for teachers looking to reward their graduating students wiht professional Reiki certificate diplomas.
  • Reiki brochures – Beautiful low-cost pe4rsonalized Reiki brochures for your practice.
  • Optional Liability Insurance Programs – Take advantage of insurance resources for USA, Canada and Australia members, see insurance information pages for costs.
  • Marketing and Business Resources – As a member of IARP, you have access to:
  • Business forms
  • Marketing tools
  • Medical Abstracts and articles
  • And much more. See IARP Professional Membership and Associate Membership for a full list of benefits.

The International Association of Reiki Professionals invites you to become part of the Reiki community – one that wants to see you succeed.

Celebrating nearly 30 years of loving service to further the benefits and reach of Reiki and to work to serve you, IARP has thousands of members in over 50 countries.

Learn more about Membership Benefits here.

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