IARP Helps You Share Your Reiki Gifts by putting YOU in the Spotlight!

This is the reason you first started practicing Reiki – bringing the healing power and magic of Reiki to people in need and seeing them respond. That’s the wonderful power of Reiki. Greater success in reaching more people to help with Reiki is possible. We help potential clients and students find you directly with Online Referral Listings and our unique Reiki Job Board and Speakers Bureau. We’ll put you in the spotlight.

Creating Valuable Relationships

Building a house by yourself can be slow. Use a little ingenuity and creativity to build the same house with teams of your friends and you’ll be living under the roof before the snow flies! Building your practice is no different if you cultivate the right relationships. Add your voice to the IARP Reiki Professionals Community — receive support, find new connections, share your knowledge, and get your questions answered.

IARP Helps You Share Your Reiki Gifts

IARP Helps You Share Your Reiki Gifts

Doing More of What You Love

Wouldn’t you love to spend more of your time sharing your light with more people? If you can imagine how that might feel, we will help you make it happen. At IARP, that’s what we do – help Reiki practitioners and teachers, just like you, do what you do best. We have a toolbox full of resources and tools to help make your practice easier and more professional, so you can grow your practice and spend time on what you do best – helping your clients and students.

“IARP provides so many resources for those, like me, who want to be the best I can be for my clients and students. Thank you, IARP!”
–Alex, member since 2009

Expanding Your Practice

Finding the sweet spot of the balance between doing something you love while maintaining the support of yourself and your family can be a challenge. Open your perspective, and open your world. Try the creative, proven ways we’ve collected for you. Our Reiki business tools and member resources are packed full of value–inspiring articles, practice and class tips, and proven techniques to help you grow and run your practice.

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“I love having the professional distinction of membership and use the IARP logo on my materials. I have my membership certificate framed on the wall of my studio and it is beautiful and professional. It is also very helpful to be listed in their professional directory.”

“The newsletters and articles are wonderful and inspirational. I can’t say enough about IARP! It is worth every penny of membership. Join today!”

“I am so impressed and grateful for the membership and the resources. Thank you for the quick replies to my questions – you have given me extra steam to keep moving forward with my practice.”

“Thank you so much for your kind words and for all of your excellent service. I am honored to be a member of your organization.”

“I love being a member of IARP! They are always super responsive and helpful when I write into customer support. They truly care about each member.”

“Thank you very much for everything! I am glad to be part of your Reiki community. This is the best time for me to grow with all of you.”

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