Reiki for Family and Kids

Adding Reiki to your household skill-set adds a new level of wellness, comfort, and awareness that you can provide for your family. Taking a Reiki course to use for self-care and to enhance your family’s care can add a greater dimension of happiness and peace to your home.

Reiki for Your Family and Kids

Reiki for Family and Kids – A loving way to bring comfort and wellness to your home.

Reiki during Pregnancy

Reiki can be used successfully with all ages and stages. Many expecting moms receive Reiki sessions while pregnant. This is soothing for the expecting mom and the growing baby. This is a very proactive and beautiful thing to do for your baby. This is a great gift for dads or other thoughtful family members to give to an expectant mom, a series of Reiki sessions. See Find a Practitioner/Teacher to find sessions in your area.

Reiki for New Moms and Babies

New moms can use Reiki to help provide calm in a household adjusting to a new baby’s schedule. She can use Reiki for self-care, for baby, and with all family members. Either taking some much-needed time off to receive an hour Reiki session a week or taking a Reiki I class as time permits can be of great benefit.

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Learn Reiki for Family and Kids

Practical Applications

Practical applications include: comforting an infant, comforting scrapes and bruises, providing a calming Reiki hand on your child’s shoulder when discussing something important with them, offering a Reiki-filled hug at night.

Reiki is great for parents to use with children of all ages. And as a child grows, if their parents have gifted them with Reiki experiences or information, they may even ask about learning Reiki, taking a Reiki One class. There are children’s classes available in many areas. See Find a Practitioner/Teacher to find classes in your area and ask about children’s classes. Or, if you as a parent love Reiki and have taken the full spectrum of courses, you may teach your child Reiki also.

Reiki for Extended Family and Aging Parents

reiki-for-elder-careReiki can be great for extended family, for grandparents, aging parents, to assist the body’s healing with health conditions as part of a traditional medical plan, and at end of life care also. It is comforting and beneficial in all cases.

Reiki is for Everyone

If you have tried a Reiki session and love Reiki you may wish to consider taking a Reiki One course so that your family can benefit at any time and for life. Find a Reiki Teacher here at the Worldwide Reiki Locator

Do you teach Reiki? Would you like to be listed at the Locator for client and student referrals? Click here to find out more…

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