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Hello and thank you for visiting to learn more about IARP and how we can support the success and growth of your Reiki practice. Please know that …

IARP is All About YOU!

IARP’s #1 objective is to lovingly support YOU.

We help you reach as many people as possible with Reiki by helping you start, grow and enjoy your business in a caring and professional way, with strong integrity and principles.

Nearly 30 Years of Loving Support

We have created and grown our prestigious association for nearly 30 years that serves Reiki Healing Practitioners, Masters, and Teachers all over the globe. We have members in over 50 countries. IARP has grown exponentially through enthusiastic referrals from our beloved happy Professional Member practitioners and teachers. We do our very best to exceed expectations for our members in helping them succeed  and grow their practices.

Helping You Flourish Personally and Professionally

One of our guiding principles is to offer our expertise and loving service so that you, Independent Reiki Practitioners and Teachers, flourish personally and professionally.

IARP Members get Unparalleled Benefits

Enjoy IARP Reiki benefits that are unparalleled. We provide you with professional business tools, powerful resources, and exciting programs and support to help your business THRIVE!

Distinguished Code of Ethics

IARP’s strict Code of Ethics results in a distinguished directory of Reiki Practitioners and Teachers. This enhances your reputation as a professional member.

IARP Members are Trusted

IARP Members are part of the global organization comprised of the most prominent and skilled Reiki Practitioners and Teachers on the planet. IARP is the gold standard of Reiki. We are here for you now and in the future.

It’s About YOU, not us

You may notice that there is no one person at IARP that claims any sort of personal recognition or guru-like status, and is not affiliated with any religious or spiritual beliefs. IARP is about YOU and not about a select person or small group of individuals or agenda. There is no dogma, ego or competition in our world, only a spirit of giving, service and loving cooperation. As our motto states: “Together, we can do so much more.”

Healing Loving Energy for All

We feel that Reiki is about love and healing energy for all and is inclusive and honoring of all. These beliefs are in the DNA of IARP and it is an honor to be of loving service to the best and brightest stars on the planet who are practicing and teaching Reiki.

If you are not a member yet, what are you waiting for? We are here for you and are looking forward to being of service.

IARP Registered Reiki Professional Membership:

Celebrating nearly years of loving service to thousands of members in over 50 countries, we look forward to you enjoying outstanding benefits and attaining the gold standard of the global Reiki community. IARP helps you grow, succeed and flourish with your Reiki practice and classes and helps you to shine professionally and grow personally.

Membership is rolling and you may join at any time during the year, it is not based on a calendar year but is based on your personal start date.

  • Associate and Professional Membership is open to all independent Reiki Practitioners and Teachers of any country in the world.
  • We recognize all Reiki lineages and types of Reiki.
  • You may join if you have Reiki I through Master Teacher.
  • Memberships are available in monthly, 6-month, 1-year, and 2-year terms.

Membership Benefits

IARP Reiki Professional Membership Benefits include:

  • Professional Recognition as an IARP Registered Reiki Professional
    Recognizing you as attaining the highest standards within Reiki and your ongoing commitment to professionalism, growth, and dedication and honored service to your clients and students.
  • Official IARP Membership Certificate
    For your office wall
  • IARP Wallet Card
    With your Professional Membership credentials
  • Reiki Job Board
    If we receive requests for any employment or Reiki opportunities in your area, we will email you to let you know so that you may apply directly.
  • Speaker’s Bureau Inclusion
    In addition to referrals for Reiki classes or sessions, IARP also acts as a Speaker’s Bureau and refers IARP members when we receive requests for speakers or for contributors to our magazine, newspaper articles, or television coverage of Reiki.
  • Online Referrals Listing in the Registered Member Directory at the IARP website
    Recognizing you as a Registered Reiki Professional Member in good standing. Those interested in your services or classes can find you easily and directly. This is optional and you may opt-out if you are practicing on family or friends only.
  • Member Resources and Business Tools
    Sample forms for your practice and helpful articles in your Members Area
  • Business Cards
    Access to low-cost, professional, basic business cards (available to USA and Canada residents) and low-cost premium cards from our printing partner
  • Certificate Service Program for Reiki Master Teachers
    Access to the Certificate Service Program for official Reiki certificates for your students in your choice of color. You may order these on the membership application as an add-on when you join or renew.
  • Access to optional Reiki Liability Insurance programs
    Multiple plans to choose from, coverage if you practice or teach, follows where you practice/teach in your country. Costs and coverages vary depending on the country and choice of plan. Available for Canada, USA, and Australia members. See Reiki Liability Insurance pages for details and plan costs for the optional insurance plans.
  • Publicity for our members and for your professional services
  • The Reiki Report
    Monthly eNewsletter by email to keep you informed on news and with new informative and inspiring Reiki articles
  • Reiki Research and Abstracts
    Over 60 referenced Reiki medical and health abstracts and studies for you
  • Sample Client Forms and Practice Policy Samples
    For your practice in your Members Area. Get your practice off to the right start with professionalism and best practice standards.
  • Know that your voice is counted in the Reiki community
  • The internal reward of helping the community to work together
    For the benefit of the community
  • and much more!

See  Professional Membership Benefits and Associate Membership Benefits for more information on benefits, eligibility and costs. We look forward to helping you grow your Reiki practice and joining the gold standard of Reiki, IARP.

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