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IARP is the #1 resource for Reiki Teachers and Practitioners

Nearly 30 years of loving service to members in over 50 countries

We help you GROW your Reiki practice!
Enjoy our nearly 30 years of experience and expertise, working for you, as we help you grow your Reiki practice with loving support and the most effective tools, resources, services and programs.

Choose from Professional Membership or Associate Membership which includes our  most loved benefits with a very affordable monthly rate of only $12.

IARP is About YOU!

IARP’s #1 objective is to lovingly support YOU.

We help you reach as many people as possible with Reiki by helping you start, grow and enjoy your business in a caring and professional way, with strong integrity and principles.

Nearly 30 Years of Loving Support

We have created and maintained our prestigious association for nearly 30 years that serves Reiki Healing Practitioners, Masters and Reiki Teachers across the globe. 

Helping You Flourish Personally and Professionally

One of our guiding principles is to offer our expertise and loving service so that you, Independent Reiki Practitioners and Teachers, flourish personally and professionally. Let our nearly 30 years of experience and expertise help you grow your Reiki practice!

IARP Members get Unparalleled Benefits

Enjoy IARP Reiki benefits that are unparalleled. We provide you with professional business tools, powerful resources, and exciting programs and support to help your business THRIVE!

Distinguished Code of Ethics

IARP’s strict Code of Ethics results in a distinguished directory of Reiki Practitioners and Teachers. This enhances your reputation as a Reiki Practitioner and/or Master Teacher.

IARP Members Earn Trust and Respect

IARP Members are part of a global organization comprised of the most prominent and skilled Reiki Practitioners and Teachers worldwide. You are keeping company with the best and brightest in the global Reiki world. IARP has been here for you for nearly 30 years, we are here for you now, and we are leading the way for the brightest future for Reiki and our esteemed members. 

It’s About YOU, not us

You may notice that there is no one person at IARP that claims any sort of personal recognition or guru-like status, and is not affiliated with any religious or spiritual beliefs. IARP is about YOU and not about a select person or small group of individuals or agenda. There is no dogma, control, ego or competition in our world, only a spirit of giving, service, professionalism and loving cooperation. As our motto states: “Together, we can do so much more.”

Whether you choose Associate Membership or Professional Membership we look forward to supporting you and helping you grow your Reiki practice as a valued and esteemed member of the IARP Reiki worldwide family.

Thank you for visiting and we send Reiki Blessings your way! We look forward to helping you achieve your Reiki goals  whichever membership option you choose. Utilize our expertise and decades of experience and let us help you grow your Reiki practice and reach more clients and students. Enjoy world-class benefits while we support your beautiful work in the world with Reiki.

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