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Empowering Your Intuition with Reiki: Awakening Your Inner Guidance System

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When you have a hunch or a gut feeling about something, that’s your intuition at work. Your intuition can help you make decisions or understand people or situations in your life better. Getting used to being intuitive or developing this ability further can take time and practice. The energy healing techniques used in Reiki can [...]

The Growth of Reiki Healing in Vietnam

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Reiki healing had its beginnings in Japan but is now practiced all over the world. The therapy involves laying on of hands to relax a person, reduce stress and promote healing. It’s not surprising that Reiki has been growing in Vietnam, a country that has become a popular destination for spiritual exploration and holistic healing [...]

Can Reiki Help with Parkinson’s Disease?  

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About 10 million people worldwide suffer from Parkinson’s disease. That number is sure to go up, especially in countries where the population is aging, as the malady most often afflicts people over 50. Moreover, the risk increases with age. There’s no known cure for Parkinson’s at the moment, but there are treatments that can make [...]

Reiki for Asthma

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According to the World Health Organization, Asthma has affected 262 million people worldwide in 2019 and cause 455,000 deaths.  Asthma is often under-diagnosed so these numbers may be potentially higher.Hundreds of millions of people all around the world are living with asthma. Most patients are able to control their symptoms with various treatments, such as [...]

How Reiki Can Help Caregivers

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Reiki is often used as a method for calming and encouraging healing in patients with various illnesses, yet it also has the potential to benefit their caregivers. Family caregivers give a lot of themselves when taking care of their loved ones. In addition to working to meet their loved one’s physical and emotional needs, they [...]

10 Tips for Sending Distance Reiki to the World During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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As Reiki Masters, Teachers and Practitioners we’re always looking for loving opportunities to share this divine healing energy. And none may be more a propos than the current coronavirus pandemic. The world could definitely use a big dose of Reiki right about now, and these tips can help ensure you send it in the most [...]

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Celebrating over 25 Years of Loving Service to the Reiki Community Worldwide! IARP®, the International Association of Reiki Professionals®, is the professional association of the global Reiki community. We promote wide-reaching healing effects throughout the world. We work to provide members, subscribers, and Reiki friends with powerful benefits and business tools to enhance and expand [...]

Reiki and Medicine

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Reiki in Hospitals and other Medical SettingsReiki and complementary therapies have been benefiting patients, caregivers, and hospitals at an increasing rate over the past decade.Hospitals across the United States are responding to patient demand and integrating complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) services with the conventional services they normally provide, according to the results of a survey [...]

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Enjoy a wide selection of IARP recommended Reiki products to enhance your personal enjoyment of Reiki and add value to your office or professional space. Reiki Books IARP recommended Reiki books to enhance your professional Reiki practice or personal practice and well-being. Reiki Products and Gifts Reiki gifts, Reiki journals, Reiki office and treatment room [...]

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