Reiki healing had its beginnings in Japan but is now practiced all over the world. The therapy involves laying on of hands to relax a person, reduce stress and promote healing. It’s not surprising that Reiki has been growing in Vietnam, a country that has become a popular destination for spiritual exploration and holistic healing practices.

What is Reiki?

Reiki has been around in Japan for centuries. The name comes from two Japanese words, “rei” and “ki.” The first word means “universal life,” and the second one means “energy.” The practice derives from the philosophy that life force energy exists in the universe, and it’s what flows through our bodies to make us alive.

People with high energy are happy and healthy, but people with low energy are stressed and are susceptible to disease. Reiki is useful not only to restore balance in those with low energy but also to help healthy individuals maintain their life flow energy.

During a Reiki session, a Reiki practitioner lays hands on a person with a very gentle hand pressure. It’s not like a therapeutic massage, but rather a gentle laying on in which the hands pause for a period of time on several vital spots along the body. The practitioner becomes a channel that enables the universal life force to flow through their hands into the body they’re working on.

People receiving Reiki massage typically become relaxed, and often they feel tingling or pulsing as Reiki raises vibrations in the body. Reiki is useful in assisting recovery for people who have been sick or injured, and it helps healthy people maintain their immune systems and avoid illness.

Reiki in Vietnam

The growth of Vietnamese Reiki is evidenced by high-profile meditation centers that cater to health and wellness seekers from around the world. In Vietnam Reiki is offered by by local practitioners as well as by retreats that specialize in rejuvenation and spiritual healing.

From Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, and Haiphong in the Red River Delta to the Mekong Delta and the South Central Coast, Reiki is gaining in popularity in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, one can benefit as a recipient of Reiki, and an interested person can also learn to practice it. Anyone in Vietnam who offers holistic healing can find the resources for mastering Reiki and adding it to their practice.

IARP: International Association of Reiki Professionals is the leader in the international Reiki community and has practitioners in over 50 countries. Vietnam is one of the most promising of them, and not only for people who come from far and wide to enjoy the benefits of this healing therapy. It’s also an ideal place for both both experienced and novice Reiki practitioners to join the worldwide movement and introduce the benefits of Reiki in Vietnam and beyond.

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Finding a Reiki Practitioner in Vietnam

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