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IARP offers a 6-month Professional Membership option so you can try out professional membership benefits for a shorter term before deciding to commit to 1 year or 2 year support. We work diligently for our members everyday to provide the highest quality services, programs, and offerings to help boost your business growth and knowledge and joy in your practice.

The 6-month option includes all the same professional benefits that longer memberships provide. We are confident you will love everything IARP can do for you and your practice!

Here are just some of the IARP Benefits you can enjoy with your Reiki Membership.
See this page for a full current list and to learn more, we are always adding new benefits as well.

  • Professional Recognition as an IARP Registered Reiki Professional
    Recognizing you as attaining the highest standards within Reiki and your ongoing commitment to professionalism, growth, and dedication and honored service to your clients and students.
  • Official IARP Membership Certificate
    For your office wall
  • IARP Wallet Card
    With your Professional Membership credentials
  • Reiki Job Board
    If we receive requests for any employment or Reiki opportunities in your area, we will email you to let you know so that you may apply directly.
  • Speaker’s Bureau Inclusion
    In addition to referrals for Reiki classes or sessions, IARP also acts as a Speaker’s Bureau and refers IARP members when we receive requests for speakers or for contributors to our magazine, newspaper articles, or television coverage of Reiki.
  • Online Referrals Listing in the Registered Member Directory at the IARP website
    Recognizing you as an esteemed qualified Registered Reiki Professional Member in good standing. Those interested in your services or classes can find you easily and directly. Only one referral per year can pay for your annual membership! Plus you get to enjoy all of the other benefits. This is the most effective and least expensive client and student targeted marketing for Reiki Practitioners and Teachers around. This one benefit alone makes your Professional Membership worth the investment!
  • Member Resources and Business Tools
    Sample forms for your practice and helpful articles in your Members Area
  • Certificate Service Program for Reiki Master Teachers
    Access to the Certificate Service Program for official Reiki certificates for your students in your choice of color and Reiki styles. You may order beautiful individual personalized certificates for your classes delivered to you digitally and/or to print from your printer.
  • Access to optional Reiki Liability Insurance programs
    Multiple plans to choose from, coverage if you practice or teach, follows where you practice/teach in your country. Costs and coverages vary depending on the country and choice of plan. Available for Canada, USA, and Australia members. See Reiki Liability Insurance pages for details and plan costs for the optional insurance plans.
  • Publicity for our members and for your professional services
  • The Reiki Report
    eNewsletter to keep you informed on news and with new informative and inspiring Reiki articles
  • Reiki Research and Abstracts
    Over 60 referenced Reiki medical and health abstracts and studies for you in your Members Area
  • Sample Client Forms and Practice Policy Samples
    For your practice in your Members Area. Get your practice off to the right start with professionalism and best practice standards.
  • Know that your voice is counted in the Reiki community
  • The internal reward of helping the community to work together
    For the benefit of the community
  • and more!

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The Reiki Community LOVES IARP! Here is what members say:

5-Star Review by Lee Ann Bradshaw, France

“IARP. org ( the International Association of Reiki Professionals) is a wonderful group of members and staff that hold you within their hearts. They are always there for you – whatever you need. Reiki has increased my spiritual light, given me the confidence to share my experiences in Reiki and Healing. As an ‘elder’ person at the twilight of my years, I still feel I am loved universally and as a Reiki Teacher would highly recommend IARP for your spiritual and Healing growth.”

5-Star Review by Rosemary DeTrolio RMT, NJ, USA

“I’ve been a member for many years and I can always trust your research, your articles, and your information. I do send many of my students to your site and hope they sign up too! I’m thrilled that you offer beautiful certificates as well as info brochures and Reiki insurance. My code is RD367 for $ off membership, which is a great offer too! The helpful customer service people have been great anytime I’ve called for help. Thanks again!”

5-Star Review by Krystle Ash, Canada

“Being a part of the IARP has helped me ground and grow my reiki healing practice. The professional distinction offered by being a member is invaluable, and the resources provided are helpful and well-curated.”

5-Star Review by Antonina R, Australia

“I have just joined and am already happy, I send them my documents and email services have been there to answer my emails straight away, their service board is really good everything is there, and a prompt certificate and membership I feel I can count on them for support in growing my prospective business. Thank you for your prompt service and reiki resources.”

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