As Reiki Masters, Teachers and Practitioners we’re always looking for loving opportunities to share this divine healing energy. And none may be more a propos than the current coronavirus pandemic. The world could definitely use a big dose of Reiki right about now, and these tips can help ensure you send it in the most effective way.

Do Heal Yourself First

You know how airlines tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before you help anyone else put on theirs? The same thing holds true with Reiki. Make sure your own body, mind and spirit are soothed, calm and collected before you attempt to send healing energy to others.

Don’t Send Reiki Wildly in All Directions

Your Reiki will be much more effective if you focus — instead of scatter — your healing efforts. Choose a specific target or targets, such as:

  • People in a specific region
  • The general population
  • The planet

Do Visualize or Use Representation

Once you’ve selected your recipients, use visualization or representation when you’re sending the Reiki. To send Reiki to the planet, for instance, you can hold a small ball or globe in your hand, or visualize the earth in its orbit around the sun. If you want to send Reiki to people on the planet, you can use a doll, stuffed animal or your own body to represent an individual, group or community.

Don’t Play God

Yes, we would love to heal all the people in the world (or at least most of them). But that’s not our mission as Reiki Masters, Teachers and Practitioners. In fact, that’s playing God. Our mission is to act as vessels through which healing energy can flow. The healing energy of Reiki is intelligent, and it knows exactly what it needs to do. As Professional Reiki Practitioners we utilize our skills and knowledge and compassion towards offering this comforting and beneficial energy. Everyone is on their own soul’s journey and we can help by making that journey more comfortable, less stressful and nurturing. 

Do Properly Align Your Intent

Since healing all the people in the world isn’t the intent we should use, then what is? Send Reiki with the intent that it be used in a way that’s in agreement with God’s will or the Universe’s or the Higher Power that resonates with you for the highest and greatest good of the recipients. This allows those receiving the energy to make use of it in a way that’s in accordance with their path.

Don’t Try to Control Outcome

 Disasters, or even a pandemic, touch our compassionate hearts as human beings. We want what is best for our fellow earth inhabitants. This includes working to minimize suffering, helping to comfort others, and offering solutions to help reduce stress on their healing journey. Sending Reiki can be helpful to alleviate their stress, anxiety and fear, but it will not make them live if that is not their path. What’s meant to happen will still happen. Reiki isn’t meant to change a destined outcome, but it can make the road more pleasant and less painful along the way. Focus on comfort and benefit, we cannot control the outcome.

Do Properly Prepare

In addition to ensuring your body, mind and spirit are in a balanced state, you want to go through the same preparations you would as if you had a Reiki client in front of you. This means washing your hands before and after the treatment, preparing the room with candles or safer battery operated LED candles, smudging and a blessing, and calling on your angels and guides.

Don’t Forget to Protect Yourself

Properly protecting yourself, if you feel called to, is another tool before you begin your distance Reiki session. Surround yourself with white light or energy, or envision a protective veil between you and your Reiki recipient. Create the protection with the intent that it will prevent you, if you are an empath, from being empathically overwhelmed by detecting negative energy or fears emanating from the recipients. 

Do Keep Your Perspective

If you don’t notice a difference in anything after your Reiki session, that doesn’t mean it’s not working. Remember that people are on their own journeys. Also remember that healing can occur on non-physical levels and it may not be immediately apparent. Comfort and relaxation are on the emotional and mental levels. Deeper understanding, strengthened will and greater inner power are on the spiritual levels.

Don’t Give Up

Even when the coronavirus pandemic has passed, the planet and its people could still benefit from Reiki energy on a regular basis. Perhaps weave a distance Reiki ritual into your ongoing schedule once a week to continue sending Reiki to do its thing for those that are open to receive.

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