When it comes to making New Year’s resolutions, many folks immediately starting writing a long list of grand goals they wish to achieve. But there’s an easier and more effective way to go about it. If you make a resolution to ramp up your Reiki practice and Reiki business, all other resolutions may seem to fall magically into place. Here’s how:

The Resolution: Lose Weight

Yes, the weight loss resolution is still at the top of many people’s list – sometimes for several years in a row. Rather than struggling to stick with a diet, stick with a revamped Reiki plan. Since Reiki improves balance and wellbeing, you may automatically become more inclined to adhere to a healthy, sustainable eating plan.

Reiki may also help aid with weight loss by reducing stress and improving sleep patterns. Excess stress and constant fatigue can contribute to overeating, a habit that may fall to the wayside with the improved hormonal balance and more normal appetite Reiki may help provide.

Resolution: Improve Finances

Reiki is known for raising your vibrational levels, which makes you more aligned with your greater purpose. Since your greater purpose is to share Reiki with the world, increasing your personal Reiki practice may automatically result in an increase in Reiki business. More business results in more money, which can result in an overall improvement of finances.

Make New Friends

As your Reiki business is booming and you’re taking on new clients, you’re going to develop new relationships along the way. Some of those relationships may naturally evolve into friendships.

Ramping up your Reiki can also lead you to attend more Reiki shares and other events with like-minded practitioners and teachers. This gives you additional sources of new friends in the making.

The Resolution: Get More Exercise

Excuses for not getting enough exercise can include being too tired, overworked, or suffering aches and pains that make physical activity challenging. Reiki can help take care of all three.

Your improved sleeping patterns can help ward off fatigue, while Reiki’s ability to create balance in your life can result in an improved distribution of time between work, play – and exercise. Reiki’s potential healing effects on your physical body can reduce the pain that was limiting physical activity.

You already knew Reiki was holistic, with benefits that extend to the body, mind, and spirit. And now you see how its benefits can extend to your New Year’s resolutions, too. Learn how you can benefit your Reiki practice even more with IARP.

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