Everyone has a mission on this earth, whether they know it yet or not. Once we discover what our mission is, it’s essential to do everything we can to support it – at least if we want success. Those aiming for success as Reiki practitioners and teachers can take several actions to invest in themselves and their businesses to help ensure their mission advances in amazing ways.

Why It Matters

Before we get into the details of how to best invest in yourself and your Reiki business, let’s take a gander at why it matters. It matters because:

  • You must give to yourself before you can effectively give to others.
  • When serving others, it’s your responsibility to continue developing your talents and gifts.
  • It’s a supreme act of self-love, and you must love yourself before you can love others.
  • It adds new levels of value to your Reiki practice.
  • It sends a message to the universe – and yourself – that the potential and value you have is important enough to contribute the time, energy and space to make it soar.
  • That’s one heck of a message indeed. It’s also showing the universe you’re willing to take a leap of faith, a leap that can lead to exceptional results.

We want you to be your best – you deserve it! And so do your clients, students, and all of those whom you serve.

How to Do It

Investing in yourself and your business can be an ongoing practice you work on through a series of continuous actions. These can include:

Reading up on Reiki.
Building up your library of Reiki articles, books and resources can increase your knowledge of and confidence in your practice.

Put your best professional foot forward.
Give your business a polished way of being and professional tools. Utilize the professional Reiki brochures IARP has available. Revisit your office set-up. Could you give it an upgrade to be more relaxing, inviting, and comfortable for clients? New pictures, fresh flowers, new music, a soft blanket to keep them warm during sessions.

Joining groups and organizations.
Whether it’s the Reiki Share in your town or a Reiki organization that stretches across the world, joining Reiki groups can provide even more connections and resources. The International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) is a prime example, offering membership perks that range from referrals, business tools and resources, Reiki abstracts, articles, research, and other fabulous info.

Increasing the value of your practice.
Invest in ways to make your services more valuable to the people you serve. Swap out your tired massage table for a fresh one. Pay a little extra for premium essential oils for your in-office oil diffuser. Offer professional Reiki Certificates for your students (another included perk of IARP membership).

Taking care of yourself is one more vital investment that can never go wrong.
Get adequate sleep. Eat a healthy diet. Practice self-Reiki regularly. Take time to enjoy the things you love. Make a deliberate effort each day to follow the Reiki Principles. Consciously choose to be happy.

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