Give your Reiki practice – and overall life – a shiny bright boost with five 2024 resolutions that are both fun and easy to keep. 

1. Purify Your Workspace 

Your workspace may be regularly dusted and vacuumed, but when’s the last time you gave it a deep energetic cleanse? Get out the singing bowls, sage and tingshas and get to work! 

Review different purification rituals and pick one that resonates. Or create a ceremony all your own. Steps you may want to consider include: 

  • Awakening and releasing stagnant energy using chimes or tingshas
  • Purifying the space using sage or incense. Be safe and always handle sage, incense and candles carefully and never leave these unattended!
  • Rebalancing the energy and creating harmony using singing bowls or other instruments 
  • Closing the ceremony with rose water or an essential oil mist 

Make sure you walk around to get all the nooks and crannies where old energy likes to hide. Don’t forget the space under your Reiki table. 

The energy will feel so light and happy you may want to start doing a purification ceremony once a month – in your workplace and your home.

2. Learn One New Thing per Month

If you’ve been a Reiki master or practitioner for some time, you certainly know a lot about Reiki and energy healing. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn.

Make a commitment to take in some form of new learning each month. This can include:

  • Reading one of those amazing spiritual books you seem to never have time for
  • Taking that online crystal course you’ve been eyeing for months
  • Attending a seminar, workshop or retreat

3. Declutter Your Practice 

Once your workspace is brilliantly purified, you may find certain aspects of your practice feel heavy and out of place. This can include physical clutter, like piles of papers on your desk or décor that serves no other purpose than to gather dust.

It can also include workflows or methods you use that are no longer serving you or your Reiki clients and students.

Take a look at the ways accept payments, onboard new students and clients or reach out to existing ones. Are there changes that would make your process more efficient and effective, leaving more time for reading those spiritual books?

4. Schedule in Time for Yourself 

While you’re reviewing the efficiency of your scheduling practices, make sure you pencil in the most important time of all: time for yourself. Actually, don’t pencil it in. Use a permanent marker.

If you’re like most compassionate energy healers, you may put in extra hours and give up free time if clients or students need extra help. This could leave you with little or no downtime for yourself. Give yourself a break with some wellness days  throughout the year, scheduling them now. This may include a day off, a day to spend quality time with friends or family, or a mini wellness retreat. Try to schedule one day per month for your own wellness, joy and replenishment.

5. Keep a Gratitude Journal 

You love so many things about your life as a Reiki practitioner and teacher – but stressful days can often make you forget what those things are. Keep gratitude front and center with a gratitude journal. 

All you need to do is crack open your journal once a week and write down five things for which you are grateful. Or you can list a single thing every day. 

A grateful heart can’t help but be filled with and fueled by love, which is apt to spill over to all areas of your life. This simple practice can be one of the most powerful for spreading joy to your family, your clients, your students – and even the entire world.

Happy 2024 to our beautiful IARP Reiki Family (Yes, you!) Abundant and loving blessings to all who read this.
Love, All of Your Friends at IARP  xo

Happy Reiki New Year!

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