Whether you’re fed up, burnt out, or simply finally mustered up the confidence to call it quits at your current job, a career change may be in your cards. And you have a good chance of playing those cards just right if you use Reiki to help you both target your dream job and set you up for success.

While changing careers can be an exciting prospect, it is also one that can just as quickly bring on an avalanche of stress and fear. Leaving your old job and its security behind can start up the stress and fear engine, which revs into full gear when a slew of questions start to bombard your mind:

Should I go for something I love or something that will make me rich?

What if I get bored with this new career?

Is anyone even hiring?

What kind of training, education, and skills do I need?

Will I make enough money to survive?

What if I totally mess it up and end up broke, alone, and living on the side of a highway somewhere?

Reiki helps with career change

Reiki helps with career change and more!

Stop: Get Reiki on Your Side

For starters, you want to stop. Stop the rambling stream of thoughts. Take a deep breath. Then turn to Reiki for help. Many benefits of this ancient healing method just so happen to align perfectly with some of the challenges a career change can bring.

Reduces stress:

When you’re less stressed and more relaxed, you can think with greater clarity and are less apt to be consumed by fear. Start by thinking about when you felt the happiest. What were you doing? Who were you with? Where were you doing this thing? These and similar questions can help you pinpoint the type of work environment, duties, and coworkers your dream job may hold.

Balances mind and emotions:

While you’re in this calm and confident state of mind, review your background. What type of training, education, and skills do you already possess? Which are your strongest? Is there something people always come to you for help with? These are further clues that can guide you in a direction of a successful and satisfying new career.

Opens your heart, prompts spiritual growth:

When you base a job on your passions, rather than your paycheck, the universe often has a way of making sure the paychecks do come in. Opening your heart with Reiki helps to ensure you are aligned with your life’s purpose, which is also a very good goal for your new career.

Focusing on spiritual development instead of material gain can not only be much more fulfilling, but it can automatically lead to material gain. When you struggle and strive for the material, on the other hand, you don’t automatically get a spiritual boost.

Reiki can help clear out fears and stress, assist with clarity and spiritual development, and imbue you with the confidence and energy you need to move forward pursuing your passion. You’ll know you’re on the right track when things seem to fall naturally into place, and your work is never woeful since you’re doing what you love.

Finding a Reiki Practitioner or Teacher Near You

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