Atheists and agnostics can have a tough time feeling welcome in some settings… especially at church, temple, or dinner conversations that discuss a strong belief in some kind of higher power. They may even be considered unwanted guests with those who strongly oppose their views.

That’s not the case with Reiki. Reiki is open to everyone, regardless of your religious and spiritual beliefs – or lack thereof. Reiki and atheism mix. Reiki and agnosticism make a great match. Like the little black dress you wear to parties, Reiki goes with everything.

Reiki for Agnostics and Atheists

Reiki is open to all because it is not a religion or cult. It’s a Japanese healing technique that involves the laying of hands-on specific areas of the body that could use a boost of life force energy. Increasing your life force energy flow can reduce stress, increase relaxation and promote overall health and well-being.

Reiki is for Everyone... The Religious and the Non-Religious

Reiki is for Everyone… The Religious and the Non-Religious

This can work whether you’re agnostic, atheist, or somewhere in-between. An agnostic from Texas opened his eyes to Reiki when he placed his hands above the upturned palms of a lady he just met on vacation and he received a powerful surge of energy. A Roman-Catholic-turned-atheist in Montreal went as far as to say Reiki did not fall into the category of “useless woo.”

Not useless woo. There you have it. Ready to give Reiki a chance?
No religious beliefs are required. All are welcome to enjoy this beneficial modality.

How to Find a Practitioner

Reiki is compatible with all religions, atheism, agnosticism, and everything in between. To learn more about what Reiki can do for you, see the IARP website at to find a registered Reiki practitioner in your area. There you can also find additional articles on the Reiki and Religion series.

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