Creativity comes in many forms, whether it’s making music, forging yard art or even finding an amazing solution to a mundane problem. And Reiki has the power to help fuel your creativity into realms you may have never thought possible. Here’s how and why Reiki can boost your creativity.

Reiki Can Boost Your Creativity by Reducing Stress and Minimizing an Oversized Ego

Stress and ego are like two good buddies, often galloping hand in hand. In some cases, the self-centered, hyperactive, compulsive nature of the ego can actually create stress. In other cases, stress can bring on the need for control, calling the ego into full gear.

One of Reiki’s greatest benefits can be a rapid reduction in stress levels, which can deflate an overbearing ego at the same time. Once you’re free to look at other healthy beliefs and options, you automatically gain access to the creative arena of the higher mind.

Reiki Helps Clears Energetic Blocks

Ego and stress aren’t the only things that can be blocking the free flow of creativity. Energetic blocks are another culprit. Reiki’s ability to clear out these energetic blocks offers you new inspiration and opens the avenues it needs to flow freely, perking up your imagination and generating ideas. Releasing these blocks can likewise provide access to your shadow self or deeper nature, increasing your opportunity for knowing on every level.

Reiki boost creativity by re-balancing the chakras

Reiki boost creativity by re-balancing the chakras

Reiki Rebalances Chakras

Reiki’s ability to rebalance the chakras brings on another slate of creative benefits. Chakras that are balanced and spinning merrily enhance the connection to creative energies while supporting the self-confidence required for unbridled expression.

When the body, mind, and spirit are invigorated and unified, all types of creativity can fully blossom. Dancers can dance more freely, painters can paint more intensely, and writers can write with more profound expression.

Reiki Quiets the Monkey Mind

The mind’s restless, unrelenting chatter can put a big dent in the creative process, or any process for that matter. Reiki can take care of it, quieting the mind’s ceaseless stream of fear, self-doubt, and other intrusive thoughts. Once the mind is quiet, you can much more easily explore the universe from a strong and grounded foundation.

Assists with Letting Go, Letting Higher Energy Flow

Additional blocks for artists can include fear of making a mistake, perfectionism, or otherwise becoming so heavily invested in the outcome of a project that they’re too paralyzed to even make the first move. By encouraging relaxation, Reiki can boost creativity by helping you let go of the outcome, the need to perfect, the paralyzing fear, and other obstacles that may be impeding the creative process.

When your resistance to letting go and to being your true self is relinquished, you are more readily able to connect with your intuition. You are also more able to let something higher than yourself shine through. Instead of trying to control your creative output, you can become open to the beauty of wondering, wandering, and exploring all things possible. And when all things are possible, you are likely to be truly amazed at the awesomely creative heights you can attain.

**This article appeared in The Reiki Times, the official magazine of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

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