Reiki may seem mysterious or impenetrable to people unfamiliar with this ancient form of healing. However, the practice is actually very simple with lifelong benefits both in terms of self-care and sharing with others. The attunement process is the means through which one becomes a Reiki practitioner. Read on to learn more about this special spiritual ceremony.

What Is A Reiki Attunement?

While other healing techniques are taught, Reiki is learned in a unique way. Although hand positions, techniques, and much more are part of classes, attunement is an integral part of Reiki classes. The ability to practice Reiki does not only depend on acquired skill, intellectual capacity, or talent. Rather, a part of its knowledge is passed on to students from teachers through the process of attunement. This sacred ceremony opens the flow of Reiki energy and connects recipients to the universal life energy and its source. Once you have received this energy, it is yours forever to utilize whenever you wish.

What Do Reiki Attunements Feel Like? 

The attunement process takes place through a ceremony including gentle touch and breathing techniques. Because the flow of energy is guided by the Higher Power, it intuitively adjusts for each student’s individual energy pathways, guided by the student’s higher self for their highest benefit.

Different people experience the attunement process in different ways. For some, it is simply a natural step in their practice while others undergo a subtle shift in perspective. Some people find attunement to be a profound, life-changing experience that leaves them feeling physically and emotionally altered. These feelings can happen instantaneously or over time. One thing shared by most attunement recipients? A feeling of deep relaxation following the ceremony.

Every time a Reiki teacher gives an attunement, he/she also receives one as well. Why? Because the healing energy moves through both the giver and the recipient. The more attunements you give and receive, the more you are reminded how deeply you can connect with the healing Reiki energy.

When Do Attunements Take Place?

The attunement process is administered by a Reiki Master Teacher during a Reiki class. Typical beginning Reiki classes are taught over one or two days during which students learn how to give treatments for their personal use and practice the process with their fellow students in addition to receiving the attunement and classroom instruction. Following the ceremony, you can begin treating yourself.

If you’re ready to begin your own Reiki healing journey, visit the IARP website to learn more about Reiki and to find a Reiki Master Teacher near you, anywhere in the world.

**This article appeared in The Reiki Times, the official magazine of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

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