As a Reiki Practitioner or Teacher, you’re definitely familiar with the power of high vibe energy. But just because you regularly work with it in your practice doesn’t mean your own energy levels may start to dip from time to time just for being in the modern world. Get back in the high vibe zone with a few simple habits you can easily weave into your life.

Clear Out Clutter

One of the simplest and most obvious ways to shift your energy levels is to clear out physical clutter that’s weighing you down. If your desk, work area or Reiki studio is too stuffed with stuff to be inspiring, it’s time to clean out the excess stuff. Ask yourself, “Does this item serve me or add to my life or practice?” If not, it can be donated, given away, repurposed or recycled.

Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

Every thought that enters your head has an impact, and a steady stream of negative or limiting thoughts can wreak havoc on your business and overall life. Think things like “Clients always disappear after two sessions” or “I’m always broke,” and you’re likely to find yourself with disappearing clients and no money.

Fix it by transforming negative thoughts to positive ones. When a negative thought arises, acknowledge it, thank it for its input, and then turn it upside down. “Clients always stay with me for years.” “I always have the money I need.”

Better still, cultivate a meditation practice to simply watch those thoughts go by without grabbing onto them. They’re just thoughts after all. Like with the physical clutter, ask yourself “Does this thought serve me or add to my life or practice?” If not, just let it float by without giving it your precious energy.

Practice Daily Affirmations, Visualization, Meditation

Increase the power of positive thoughts even further with daily affirmations. Spend time each morning fueling your soul with positive statements and feelings that reinforce how you are capable, talented and running a thriving Reiki practice.

Follow the affirmations with visualization and meditation for an even bigger bonus. Visualize everything you desire as if it has already occurred, then spend a few soothing moments in a quiet, meditative state of mind. The three combined make a delicious recipe for creating yet another high vibe day.

Process and Feel Your Feelings

Even more so than thoughts, feelings need to be properly acknowledged. Instead of immediately trying to dismiss any uncomfortable or negative feelings, consciously sit with them until they dissipate. The more quickly you can process and feel the emotion, the more quickly and easier it will release.

Be Grateful

The simple act of creating a daily gratitude list does magical things for vibrational levels. It shifts the focus from what you don’t have to the abundance of glorious things already surrounding you. Take a few minutes every evening to write down five things for which you are grateful. Making this list reminds you how rich your life is, a perfect way to close out the day.

Try out these habits for a week to see what happens. High vibe energy has a profound impact across the board, enhancing your relationships, your attitude, your practice, and everything else in your life.

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