While we Reiki practitioners live under a principle that encourages us to be kind to every living thing, not every living thing in the greater world may share that same mindset. It’s true that some people in this world may be less than kind or not on the same page as we are. Fortunately for us, those people are usually not drawn to seek out Reiki treatments or classes, and our worlds rarely, if ever, intersect.

However, anytime we are dealing with the general public in any profession it is prudent to be alert, aware and to set up safety steps and procedures so that you can enjoy a stress-free and productive practice with clients whom you enjoy helping.

That doesn’t mean we have to constantly worry or be suspicious of everyone we meet when we walk down the street. It just means we can take a few common-sense precautions and safety planning to ensure our safe and sacred Reiki space stays that way for our clients — and especially ourselves. Here come eleven actionable steps you can take.

Guidelines to work smart and safely in your practice Part I :

Be Aware of and Optimize Security Procedures in your Office Building

Ask the landlord/management of the building where your office is which safety features or procedures exist in the building for your safety. Be aware of your surroundings when entering/exiting your car, the parking area, building entry, stairwells, office corridors. Familiarize yourself with your neighboring tenants/businesses. Office in your home? Set a safety plan that includes what to do in an emergency, such as if there is a fire, if someone unwanted is outside, there is an intruder, or someone is lurking outside on the street, or if you wish to end a session early, etc. This is for you and your clients’ safety.

Keep main doors locked

Whether it’s your home’s front door or an office’s reception area, it’s wise not to let random people wander in and out of your practice. Make sure you’re expecting everyone who comes in, and either greet them at the door or have them buzzed in by the receptionist.

Screen potential clients

If possible, conduct a quick phone call with prospective clients before their first appointment. This gives you a chance to pick up on any strange vibes or behaviors that you’d rather not invite into your world. It is usually preferred to speak with first-time clients on the phone rather than via email for this reason. Plus communication by phone is more personal and can help both you and your new client to see if your Reiki services are a good match for both of you.

Trust your instincts. If you speak with a potential new client on the phone and something doesn’t feel quite right or you feel uncomfortable about helping them then trust your instincts and perhaps tell them that your schedule is full at the moment.

Know Your Clients

Be sure that you have detailed information about your clients such as their address, phone, emergency contact. Please see the Client Intake Form for basic ideas from within your IARP Members Area.

Have first-time clients read and sign your office policies statement so they know what to expect and what is acceptable, and your boundaries. Please see the Office Policies Statement ideas within your IARP Members Area.

Utilize your mobile phone

Keep your phone in a convenient location, leave it out on your desk, on a shelf near the door, or another handy area. Be familiar with the emergency call feature on your mobile phone with your location access if something arises outside of your office or in for your and your clients’ safety.

Assess Your Session with any new or current clients

If you feel uncomfortable with a new or current client at any time, assess the situation. You can always end a session if something doesn’t feel comfortable to you for any reason. Your safety and security is always paramount.

Working alone in an empty office building at night?

Make sure that at least one person knows where you are and when you are working alone with hours and details of the clients you are expecting.

For example, you may wish to send a text or leave a note for a partner/friend/family member your working hours when alone in your office or an office building and clients:

March 12 office hours at 123 xyz st, floor 3, office 32: 


6-7 pm Stephanie Cook 1 hour session

7:15-8:15 Jane Jones 1 hour session

8:30-9  John Smith 30 min session

I’ll text when done.

Have excuses ready: Hopefully this would never happen but we do live in strange times. Don’t be afraid to use excuses to leave a room if you’re feeling uneasy. This is true in any situation in life. You can say you have to go use the bathroom, or that you forgot to give a message to a colleague in the adjoining office or a family member at home.

Establish an evacuation plan: If something were to occur in your office space or home such as a fire, burglary, or another emergency, make sure you have an evacuation plan in place. This helps to ensure you, your client, and everyone else can exit rapidly and safely.

Pay attention to surroundings: If you make Reiki home visits, pay special attention to the neighborhood surroundings outside of your client’s home. Also, make note of the house itself. Does it look warm and inviting? Or are all the lights off and shady people hanging around the porch? Use good judgment and your intuition. Don’t get out of your car if you don’t feel safe.

Let your sixth sense guide you: We Reiki practitioners are an intuitive bunch. Take advantage of it by letting your sixth sense guide you in any given situation. Remember that the whoosh of energy through your gut is your adrenaline trying to protect you. Heed its warning when things feel a little off.

Bringing up these safeguards isn’t mean to alarm you. Quite the opposite. Setting these in place ahead of time can provide an additional peace of mind you carry forward, adding to your sense of serenity and confidence in your practice. They can also allow you to more fully focus on the task at hand — which is helping and healing others. And enjoying an optimal, growing practice with clients you love and being your stress-free best in your practice and in your life.

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