You’re not sure which is spreading faster: bad world news or negativity. From the daily cycle of sad and shocking newsfeeds to cabin fever, it can be easy to fall into a vicious cycle of dread and doom. Despite any negative vibes, you may be sensing from the world around you, and anxiety from within, you can rise above them and maintain a positive mindset. This will help you and those around you. Here’s how.

1. Practice Gratitude

Instead of looking at what you think is going wrong in the world right about now, look at what’s going right. You have your health. Your home. Your family and pets. Community members have donated time, money, and goods to support each other through the pandemic and are helping world events in a compassionate way. You have an opportunity to contribute to their efforts. You have a great opportunity to share Reiki love.

2. Be of Service

Being of service gets you out of your own head and into the mode of helping others, with a by-product of leaving you feeling great. Find local organizations that could use donations. Or perhaps call a struggling friend to check in and simply listen. Maybe give free 10 minute Reiki sessions at an event or at your office one afternoon. How can you best use your gifts to help others?

3. Review Past Successes

Yes, the coronavirus pandemic and world events have resulted in a strange and uncertain time. But you’ll get through it. Review all your past successes to provide all the evidence you need. Write a list of all the amazing things you’ve done and the obstacles you’ve overcome to remind yourself how strong, capable, and blessed you are.

4. Create a Feel-Good Board

While you’re reviewing your success, write a few down on colorful note cards and stick them on a bulletin board. Do the same with your favorite positive quotes, images, and compliments people have given you. By the time you’re done, you’ll have an entire board filled with things that make you feel good, instantly. Refer to it often.

5. Get Adequate Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise

This is an obvious way to stay balanced and positive, but it’s worth emphasizing because it’s so important. It’s amazing how great an impact a good night’s sleep, a healthy meal, and a fantastic workout can have on your mindset. When you’re tired, hungry, or excessively sedentary, negativity can have a field day.

6. Establish a Powerful Morning Ritual

The first hour of your morning sets the stage for the rest of your day. If your first hour is spent in frantic chaos or fret, you can expect your day to follow suit. Establish a morning ritual that clears your mind, connects you with the divine and, of course, includes Reiki. Choose Reiki over news to begin your day with a peaceful, centered foundation.

7. Get Outside

Many countries and cities have repealed stay-at-home orders, but if not in your city, they’re not stay-cooped-in-the-house orders. Get outside in your backyard, balcony, or with a brisk walk down the street several times a day if allowed in your area, absorbing the sunlight and fresh air. If you are free to roam about, enjoy the outdoors with gratitude. You have your health, you have your life to build going forward. You have gifts to share with the world.

8. Take Daily Reiki Breaks

Enjoy an even greater mood boost by taking daily Reiki breaks. Turn on Reiki during your outdoor excursions, or spend a few minutes administering self-Reiki wherever you may be. These small doses of healing energy can make a big difference throughout the day.

9. Make Your Home Your Sanctuary

Clutter has a way of making people cranky. Clear it up. Organize, clean, and purify your house. Rearrange furniture and knick-knacks to bring in fresh energy. Create an environment that feels inspiring, uplifting, welcoming, and safe.

10. Choose Influences Carefully

While you cannot control what goes on in the world, you can control what you let into your own world. Constant exposure to fear-inducing headlines online, on TV, and in newspapers can bring you down like a brick. So can interacting with consistently negative people. Choose influences — and acquaintances — that bring you up instead of pull you down.

Using these tips to stay positive comes with double benefits. You’ll not only feel good yourself, but you’ll also serve as a brilliant influence who helps others feel good as well.

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