Does your Reiki practice inspire and energize you every day? It needs to, or it won’t do the same for your clients. Reinvigorate yourself and transform your Reiki practice into a thriving one with a bit of revamping, investing and these five tips.

1. Fall in Love All Over Again with your Reiki Practice

You are making such a positive difference in the world by offering Reiki sessions for others. Take a step back to remind yourself of the beautiful work that you are doing. It’s OK to pat yourself on the back a little, you deserve it. Your devotion and spirit are a ray of light in this world. And the planet really needs as many rays of light, like you, to shine through to reach those who may benefit greatly from your professional and heart-filled services. You are doing a wonderful thing in this world. How fortunate to be able to spread light and receive money for your family for providing such a beneficial service.

2. Deliver More than Expected

People come to you expecting a Reiki session. Give them more, like a Reiki session they’ll remember for years. Do this by making sure you’re connecting with and enchanting clients on the physical level (focused and professional Reiki services), on the mental/intellectual level (meaningful dialogue and listening, knowledge of Reiki and current research**) and on the spiritual level (kindness and pure intent).
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Here are additional bonus tips to enhance the physical, mental and emotional experiences of your clients:

What does your Reiki room, waiting room, or studio look like? Is it like walking into a jumbled closet or walking into a peaceful dream? What could you do to improve your space for clients? Make a list of how you could improve it. Now is a great time to transform your space into a peaceful oasis for you and for your clients.

Soothe senses with relaxing essential oils in a diffuser and softly inspiring music. Maybe some fresh flowers or inspiration cards. Perhaps some inspiring art or your favorite inspirational or zen quotes.

Regularly cleanse and purify your place, keeping positive energy generously flowing. An air purifier is a great addition also for your Reiki room.

Invest what you need to enhance the look, feel, and vibes of your practice, as the universe is likely to give it back tenfold.

3. Offer a New Client Special and a Package Special for Clients

Some ideas:

Create a five-session package and a ten-session package for your clients. Rome wasn’t built in a day and clients know that to get the most benefit from their Reiki sessions and to reach their ongoing stress management and wellness goals they’ll need to enjoy more than one session. Plus they can share sessions with family members or give some of the sessions to their friends as gifts.

Also, consider offering new clients a Try a Reiki Session special maybe with a 20-25% savings for first-time clients. They can ‘try before they buy’ further sessions or a package. This can help get new people in the door to try your services. And, if you do the best job possible in providing them with a great experience, they will likely continue with follow-up sessions or a package.

Consider offering a Referral Program. If a current client refers a new client (family member, friend, neighbor, colleague) the new client will receive the discounted Try a Session rate, and your current client may receive an extra 30 minutes added to their next session for free. A win-win for everyone.

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4. Put Your Authentic Self Out There

Sitting behind your office desk all day waiting for the phone to ring isn’t going to do much for boosting your practice. Get up. Get out. Get active. Get involved. You need to put yourself out there, whether it’s by attending local events in your neighborhood and meeting potential clients or students, calling your local spa or chiropractor’s office to see if they would like to add Reiki to their services one afternoon a week, or carrying your Ask Me About Reiki gear throughout your day (See IARP Reiki Products and Gifts here). Schedule time each week to interact with new faces so you can share your knowledge, spread joy, and make new connections on a consistent basis.

5. Make Clients Your #1 Priority

Treat clients the same way you would treat a fine friend. Greet them at the door. Offer them water. Send them birthday or thank you cards. Make them feel comfortable and special every time they come for a session. Those good vibes are sure to follow them wherever they go, resulting in good words, great reviews, and even a few referrals.

Give the above tips a go and see how your practice goes. And don’t be surprised if it amps up to thriving new heights. Reiki On!

This article appeared in The Reiki Times, Vol. 23, Issue Q2, the magazine of IARP: International Association of Reiki Professionals. © 2020. International Association of Reiki Professionals LLC.  All Rights Reserved.

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