As Reiki Practitioners know, Reiki is a spiritual practice that focuses on the body’s energy field. It can potentially help provide a boost to the immune system through stress reduction, along with feelings of peace and well-being. It’s also not a “set in stone” kind of task, but more of a way of life for many people. With that in mind, a lot of people use Reiki in all types of ways each day, by thinking outside the box.

Surround yourself with loving Reiki.

For example, you can surround yourself with loving Reiki before you even step out into the world each day. Especially if you’re a person who’s particularly sensitive to the emotions of other people, radiating Reiki and shielding yourself from their energy can keep you feeling better and more centered. And, who knows, others you encounter may feel inspired by your energy.

You can also use Reiki on your food.

Have you ever seen someone praying over their meal in a restaurant? You can do the same kind of thing by sending Reiki to your food before you eat it. You’ll enjoy your meal and nutrition from your meal in a new and mindful way.

Don’t forget your workspace.

Whether you work from home or as an essential worker in a workplace, you want your immediate workspace to lend itself to creativity, productivity and peace. The more you send and radiate Reiki to the area around you, the more you’ll increase the value of the space in which you work.

Using Reiki is something that can easily be incorporated into everyday life. Before you do your next activity, stop and think about using Reiki as a part of it. You’ll generally find that adding Reiki to most of the things you do benefits you in a number of new and interesting ways.

Why not make a list of instances during the day where you can sneak in a little Reiki for yourself?

Some ideas:

  • Waiting in line.
  • Stopped in traffic.
  • Before you walk out your door.
  • Preparing dinner.
  • Feeding your pet.
  • Watering your plants.
  • One minute of Reiki on your heart anywhere.

Any situation you encounter during the day, even stressful ones, a deep breath, and Reiki can accompany it to help create a peaceful and mindful existence.

Reiki On!

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