Opening up your Practice by offering Reiki for Infants and Babies

Do you provide care for families with a newborn or infant? Consider opening your Reiki practice to infants and babies. The calming effect of Reiki is great for all infants and babies, but especially for preemies and newborns with special needs.

Calming Colic and Providing Restful Sleep

Every newborn is unique and special. Even after just a week of life, some babies show early signs of stress, such as fussiness or colic. While infant stress may seem harmless at first glance, continuous anxiety at such a young age may create disharmony and imbalance that can negatively affect a growing bundle of joy.

Offering a Welcoming Environment

Parents of newborns are especially in tune with their babies’ needs on all levels but some may be shy about telling others that their infant seems stressed. Moms and dads may worry that a practitioner thinks the parents are projecting their own stress onto the baby, or that the new parents are just imagining the newborns’ anxiety. Reiki practitioners create a welcoming environment, one that allows parents to express their concerns and seek healing therapy for their bundles of joy.

Babies are Receptive to Energy Therapy

Babies are open to energy flow, so deprogramming sessions are rarely necessary. Unlike adults and older children conditioned to fear or reject innovative approaches to healing, infants have not developed the emotional defenses that can block Reiki. They are, in a sense, beautiful blank canvases that are receptive to energy therapy. Because of this openness, a short Reiki session is all most babies need – 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the baby’s needs.

Benefits of Reiki for Infants and Babies

Reiki for Babies and Infants

Reiki for Babies and Infants

Some babies experience Reiki for the first time in a hospital’s neonatal ICU, as a way to reduce the stress associated with pain, sickness, and the constant drone of respirators, IVs, and other medical equipment. Reiki is especially helpful for preemies, especially those that are on life support or are too fragile to be held. Reiki can help these tiniest patients relax, improving their ability to cope with the stress of being hospitalized for the first few precious days of life.

Reiki can help:

  • Babies sleep longer, more restfully
  • Soothe a baby with colic
  • Ease teething pain
  • Hasten recovery from a cold

Reiki may also assist in reversing failure to thrive and weight gain problems as once-fussy babies shake off stress, sleep better, and become calmer, happier babies.

Babies can benefit greatly from Reiki treatments, and so do their families. There is a feeling of helplessness when there is a sick baby crying at home or in the ICU. Reiki comforts babies to reduce crying and fussing in a way that quiets the house and calms distraught parents. Simply watching a baby relax under the touch of Reiki can soothe the entire family. Babies are extraordinarily perceptive of parental stress and respond positively when they see their parents relax.

Reiki for New Parents

Being a new parent, or a first-time parent can be especially stressful. Lack of sleep and constant focus can add stress to the happy time as new parents navigate the waters of caring for their tiny shining stars. Reiki for new parents can be quite a needed treat for them. A Reiki session makes a great gift for stressed newbies or seasoned new parents after the stork arrives. A Reiki session makes a great gift and can be arranged with a Reiki Practitioner or via a gift certificate. Please see our Registered Reiki Practitioner and Teacher Locator at to find a qualified practitioner in your area. Many parents, after receiving Reiki sessions, may opt to learn Reiki First Level for themselves and to soothe and calm their infants.

Reiki for Fragile or Sickly Infants and Babies

A practitioner can administer Reiki while holding the baby or by standing near enough to the incubator to send energy to the child. Distant Reiki is appropriate for any baby too fragile to hold. The practitioner can also transfer loving energy through to the baby’s blanket, bed, or sleepwear to help the child sleep. As the child grows stronger, she may begin receiving gentle hands-on sessions.

Chakra harmonizing is especially helpful for preemies and other babies who had a rough start in life. The trauma and stress of being a sick baby could result in an imbalance of survival, emotions, will, relationships, communication, creativity, and spirituality chakras. Reiki restores chakra harmony and general healthy energy flow.

A specific healing session is helpful for babies who have experienced pain or other blocks to the energy field. Specific healing re-establishes proper energy flow to stimulate healing in that area. Past healing also helps heal these wounds in a way that allows the baby to overcome these injuries and embark on their new positive life journey.

Reiki allows infants to focus on the serious business of being happy, healthy little bundles of joy.  And helps parents to enjoy this special time in their lives even more by reducing stress and by allowing them to focus on what is really important – raising their beautiful growing family.

**This article appeared in The Reiki Times, the official magazine of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

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