Out of Sorts Cat or Dog? Reiki to the Rescue!

Progressive and forward-thinking humans all over the world are fans of the practice of Reiki, a system of holistic energy healing. Within the last decade, however, the use of animal Reiki among animal rescues, behaviorists, pet owners, and veterinarians has skyrocketed.

What Exactly is Pet Reiki?

Reiki, which originated with a lay monk in Japan, is based on spiritual energy. All things, its advocates believe, are made of energy. The practice of Reiki involves energy traveling through the hands of a practitioner through a subject’s energy pathways and centers, then through the whole body.

Reiki for Cats and Dogs

Reiki for Cats and Dogs. Animals love Reiki!

Those who practice Reiki usually don’t refer to themselves as healers. This is because this holistic practice involves creating an energetic space that fosters a subject’s self-healing. It’s also possible for people to treat themselves.

Reiki is ideal for pets because it is gentle and noninvasive. The practice never harms an animal. Animal Reiki doesn’t require physical contact. It corrects energy imbalances in an animal’s body and can even occur from a distance. A cat or dog session usually lasts 15 to 30 minutes.

What’s in it for Animals?

Reiki for cats and dogs offers benefits to both sick and well animals. It can:

  • Strengthen an animal’s immune system before cancer treatment
  • Speed healing after sickness or surgery
  • Promote relaxation and reduce stress to solve behavioral problems
  • Relieve pain
  • Provide comfort for terminally ill pets, as well as owners
  • Enhance a pet’s overall well-being
  • Increase the pet-owner bond

Veterinarians intrigued by the possibilities of pet Reiki are adding it as an adjunct therapy. Used in conjunction with conventional medicine, it can result in a speedier recovery and saves owners considerable cost and anxiety.

A Success Story

Opting for pet Reiki was a resounding success for the owner of a sick 15-year-cat. The feline contracted calicivirus then developed a severe nasal discharge. Lethargic and frail, it wasn’t eating or drinking. The cat’s owner arranged for a distance Reiki treatment. Toward the end of the first session, the cat got up and ate the first food she had consumed in days. After additional sessions, she showed a higher energy level and appeared stronger overall, thanks to Reiki.

Many practitioners may also practice on our four-legged family members. To find a Reiki Practitioner in your area see the Locator here at the IARP website.

**This article appeared in The Reiki Times, the official magazine of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.
http://animalreikialliance.com/, http://www.pethealing.net/reiki-for-pets/

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