Bringing Reiki to your community is not only a terrific way to give back, but it can also be a fabulous way to generate business. The more people you educate about Reiki, the more people are likely to seek out your services. Check out five ways you can spread the Reiki word — and healing — throughout your community.

Take on Speaking Engagements

Whether it’s young professionals, women business owners, groups you are aligned with, or startups and entrepreneurs, loads of groups are consistently looking for speakers. Since integerative and energy healing has become a hot topic, Reiki is sure to generate some interest.

Put together a talk on Reiki, then reach out to local groups to offer to be a guest speaker. Take the tactic to the next level by also contacting local radio stations to see if they’d like an interview.

Hold a Free Reiki Gathering

Free Reiki gatherings can also create interest, which transforms into new business. Pick one evening a month where you discuss Reiki and offer 5-10 minute sample treatments for attendees. If you know other Reiki practitioners in your area, invite them along so even more sample treatments can be offered.

You can also ask the other practitioners to arrive about an hour before the gathering so you can all share Reiki with each other to really amp up the energy.

Trade Treatments with Other Pros

Exchanging treatments with other integrative healers and therapists comes with a double benefit. Not only will you get the advantages of whatever type of treatment they provide, but you’ll be making a referral connection that allows you to send and receive business with each other. Exchange business cards and brochures so you each can hand them out to your own clients.  Think massage therapists, acupuncturists, and craniosacral therapists.

Volunteer Reiki as Public Service

Freely giving Reiki to those who may benefit most builds up amazing karma, and it may have similar results on your overall business. People who witness your volunteer Reiki sessions may be inclined to spread the word, or even schedule paid sessions of their own.

Good places to volunteer can include:

  • Hospitals
  • Senior centers
  • Physical rehab centers
  • Animal shelters
  • Community recreation centers
  • Non-profits
  • Sports leagues

We will be elaborating further on these venues in future articles.

Offer On-Site Demonstrations

The next time you’re at a party or public event, don’t be shy about offering Reiki to someone who complains about an ache or ailment. Give them a quick rundown on Reiki if they’re unfamiliar with it, and then spend about 15 minutes providing Reiki to the targeted area if they wish to try it.

Make sure you mention how you have a Reiki practice and would be glad to have them as a client anytime. Always travel with business cards, as you can give one to the person you’re treating as well as others who come around to ask questions about what you’re doing.

Getting out of your Reiki room and into the community can bring on big benefits, not only to help build your Reiki business but also for yourself. You’ll also be benefiting those around you as they learn more about or get a hands-on feel for Reiki.

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