One of the greatest things about Reiki is that it comes from an unlimited supply. There is no such thing as running out of divine healing energy, which means there is more than enough for you to share with others as freely as you get it. This especially holds true for other Reiki practitioners and teachers. You’re not working against them to nab available clients, you’re working with them to help heal the world.

That said, you can really tap into this power when you collaborate with other Reiki practitioners and teachers in your area, and beyond. Here’s how.

Hold Workshops Together

Thinking about setting up a Reiki workshop? Why not enlist another practitioner and set one up together? Not only will you get double the marketing power for promoting your workshop to two sets of clients, but you can each emphasize the unique value and special touch you bring to your practice. Your attendees will get double the knowledge, double the healing, and double the fun.

Write a Book Together

If you thought a joint workshop worked well, just wait until you see what collaborating on a book can do. You’ll again get double the marketing power, along with a creative partner with which to share ideas. Combining your thoughts and ideas can supercharge the creative process, resulting in a truly fresh and fabulous project.

Cross-Promote on Social Media

Social media has a huge reach, and it’s also one of the fastest ways to collaborate with other Reiki teachers and practitioners. Retweet their tweets and share their Facebook or Instagram posts, and have them do the same for you. Promote each other’s books, workshops, and special offers. Feature each other in your YouTube videos and otherwise work as a team to gain the greatest reach and share an active fan base. Also, be sure to follow IARP (@IARPReiki) on social media via Facebook and Twitter to be connected in that way. Feel free to share our YouTube videos, posts and articles. We have many article resources on how Reiki is beneficial for clients. Post these with your office hours or Reiki class schedule or on your social media.

Combine Skills and Resources to Help Each Other

Helping more clients and gaining more fans aren’t the only benefits of collaboration. You can help each other out, too. Give each other Reiki at least once a month to keep a strong flow of energy. If each of you has a different set of business skills, use the barter system to get tasks done faster and better. For instance, if your partner is great at writing web copy, and you have a knack for taking great photos, have them write content for you while you snap pix for them.

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The more able you are to approach other practitioners not as competition, but rather as partners who are helping to soothe the world, the more your practice will thrive. Reiki gets stronger as more people get involved, and collaboration lets you witness this phenomenon in action. As is the IARP motto since our inception over 25 years and counting, “Together, we can do so much more.”  We love you, our amazing community of beautiful individuals (yes, that’s you) connected all over the globe, and want to see you succeed optimally in your life’s work, be your personal best, and reach as many people as possible with the beneficial effects of Reiki.

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