Transforming Your Passions into Reiki Marketing Success

You started your Reiki business because you love Reiki, right? Well, you can likewise channel your passions for various activities into Reiki marketing success. Here’s how.

Passion: Getting to Know People

Reiki Marketing Tip: Know Your Customer

This is the top tip for marketing any business. Here your goal is to figure out as much as you can about your target audience, such as their age group, where they live, where they work, what they like, dislike, and do for fun. Once you have a good handle on the basic info, it’s time to focus on the next tactic.

Passion: Making People Happy

Reiki Marketing Tip: Give Your Customers What They Want

This tip may seem obvious, but it’s really not. Companies often do it backward. They create products and then try to sell them, instead of looking at what people want and then giving it to them.

There’s also a big difference between what people need and what people want, and they’re more inclined to buy the latter over the former. An overweight person, for example, needs to eat less and exercise more. But what he or she really wants is a quick fix to drop pounds.

People’s wants are based on emotion rather than fact. And what do most people want? To avoid fear, get rid of pain, and create a happier, easier world for themselves. Figure out how your Reiki business can do that for your customers and you’ve just nabbed a magical marketing ingredient.

How to Transform Your Passions into Reiki Marketing Success

Transform Your Passions into Reiki Marketing Success

More Reiki Marketing Tips

If your passion is: Being amazed
· You’ll love:
Amazing others. Sum up what you do through Reiki in about 10 words, creating a sentence that makes people say, “Wow.” Don’t say, “I’m a Reiki practitioner.” Say something like, “I help people eliminate pain and fear through touch.”

If your passion is: Meeting new people
· You’ll love:
Networking at events, parties, and other public places

If your passion is: Writing, performing, public speaking
· You’ll love:
Blogging, writing articles, speaking at workshops and meetings

If your passion is: Fiddling around on the computer
· You’ll love: Social media marketing, creating a website

Instead of looking at Reiki marketing as a mundane chore, you can fuel it with your passions to create a slate of fun, beneficial activities that just so happen to give your Reiki business a phenomenal boost.

**This article appeared in The Reiki Times, the official magazine of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

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