Reiki is typically a hands-on healing method, and the coronavirus outbreak has temporarily created a decidedly hands-off world in some areas. Some countries and cities are returning to normal but other locales are still experiencing restrictions. Social distancing and the suspension of many local businesses in general are having an impact of everyone, including Reiki practitioners. Even if your in-person practice has slowed or even stopped for a period, that doesn’t mean your practice has to stop forever. This is only temporary. Together we will get through this and come out stronger on the other side. You can take action to sustain your business during these current crazy times ensuring that you are ready and well-prepared for whatever comes next.

Find New Opportunities

Online Reiki sessions and sharing circles are a possibility as are Reiki sessions for individuals and groups. Those who practice distance Reiki can administer the Reiki even without a video call, making it another ideal area on which to focus your efforts. Check the next issue of IARP’s The Reiki Report with step-by-step details on exactly how to do this.

The pandemic quarantine or self-isolation time is also a great time to expand your network by reaching out to complementary healing practitioners for referrals when we emerge from our social distancing cocoons. Also, you can reach out to print and online publications to pitch guest blog posts or articles based on your Reiki experience and knowledge.

Review Resources and Funding Options

If you’re looking for funding or practical resources to help keep your business going, check your local area Chamber of Commerce or country or state and province business support. Small-business loans aren’t the only option, either. You can explore the possibility of grants and even crowdfunding to assist with economic support if needed for your Reiki practice, business, or spa.

Write that Book Already

If you find yourself with downtime, use it to your advantage with projects and tasks that will help your business grow. Reiki practitioners tend to have intriguing stories as to why they turned to Reiki in the first place, or what it has done to enhance their lives. And you may be itching to tell it. Review all those big projects on the back burner, such as writing a book, starting a series of podcasts, or updating your website. Then take action on them.

Revamp, Renew, Recommit

Downtime is also an ideal time to catch up on other business-related tasks that have been pushed to the wayside. Perhaps you want to revamp your office or Reiki room with a fresh coat of paint or purification ceremony.

Maybe it’s time to create a new altar, rearrange your artwork, or clear up the clutter that’s been accumulating and clogging up your world. Maybe start reading that huge pile of books you’ve bought over the years, the ones that will enhance your personal and professional life. Now is the time to plant the seeds and prepare the stage for the bounty of abundance that’s to come.

Increase Your Self-Reiki Practice

Giving yourself Reiki on a regular basis can be essential for staying grounded, balanced and calm in times of apparent chaos. If you didn’t have a regular self-Reiki practice before the outbreak, create one. If you already had one, double it. Now is the perfect time for healing and eliminating what no longer serves you, especially stress and fears.

Remember the Greater Good

The premise of Reiki is that it does whatever is needed for the greater good of all. Keep this in mind as you move forward. We never know what the greater good may be, and it’s not always what we might think it should be. Be open to accepting whatever comes, knowing everything will work out exactly as it’s supposed to.

Keeping your faith strong is a must for success, and so is action. Hopefully, these ideas give you a solid starting point for launching your own plan that helps you maintain your practice and continue to bring healing to the world. Your beautiful work is needed in this world, especially at this time now more than ever. You are beautiful. We love you! Reiki on!

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