Whether you are starting a Reiki practice solely to provide Reiki healing to clients or patients in need or if you intend to offer Reiki training courses to teach others how to provide Reiki treatments, starting a Reiki business allows you to offer this complementary therapy to a larger number of people. Starting a Reiki practice may also be income-producing – there is a growing demand for this safe and effective approach to holistic healing.

Starting a Reiki Practice

Starting a Reiki practice, as with opening any other type of business, requires foresight and planning. The healing begins quickly once you know how to start a Reiki business.

How to Start a Reiki Business

First, you will want to learn all about Reiki and then find a Reiki Master Teacher to study with. You will then complete Reiki training courses, practicing at home and on yourself and possibly family or friends. It is essential that you receive a well-rounded education in Reiki before you strike out on your own. Being comfortable with the Reiki energy yourself is important before offering Reiki services to others.

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Starting a Reiki Practice

Where to Practice

Find a place to offer Reiki treatments. Some municipalities allow Reiki practitioners to operate out of their own homes. You may prefer to rent space, perhaps share space with a chiropractor, massage therapist, or at a health spa. Whether you plan to provide Reiki healing in your home or in a rented business space, the facility must offer privacy and comfort for your clients.

Get a Reiki Table

Invest in a good bodywork table. If you cannot afford a new one, look for a quality used one online or contact local massage schools. See here for some suggestions of Reiki tables that Practitioners have found comfortable, portable, and low-cost.

Gain Experience and Build Your Client Base

Build a client base and gain experience by contracting with or volunteering at hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, and other facilities where patients could benefit from Reiki treatments. Are there any helping organizations that could benefit from your time or volunteering with Reiki? A place with a cause dear to your heart?

Spread the Word

Let others know that you are starting a Reiki practice. Ask friends, family, and clients or patients you have worked with to write testimonials for you to publish on your website or display as printed reviews. Recommendations are always better than paid advertisements.

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Your Reiki Treatments

Treat each Reiki client as a valuable individual. Reiki treatments should be slow, meticulous, and professional. The session is all about the client. You as the Reiki Practitioner are there to facilitate an environment for relaxation and wellbeing for your clients. As an added side benefit for you, providing Reiki sessions is very relaxing for the giver as well as the receiver. It is a truly pleasant and wondrous profession. Follow up with each client at the end of the session to make sure the healing or relaxation process continues after the Reiki session ended and to answer any questions they may have.

You will likely be inspired to continue your Reiki education the longer you practice Reiki and experience its benefits. Attend Reiki training courses to learn about new Reiki treatments or to brush up on your existing Reiki skills.

Starting a Reiki practice is easy once you know all the details. Learn how to start a Reiki business today and let the healing begin tomorrow.

**This article appeared in The Reiki Times, the official magazine of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

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