Reiki for Self Development and Personal Growth

One day it just happened. It was as though a switch was flicked. I had but to think healing energy and there it was immediately, working within my body and apparently under my control.

Reiki – A Remarkable Healing Phenomenon

Much to my delight and awe, I had been practicing reiki for a while, but this was suddenly and inexplicably completely different. My hands for healing purposes became redundant. Not only that, the healing itself was now more robust than anything I had felt previously. Gentle, calming warmth was replaced by strong physical sensations. There was no beating about the bush, I had been presented with a remarkable phenomenon to help clear out and repair at a cellular level.

Self-Development with Reiki

Self-Development with Reiki

Today it still requires only the merest hint of a thought, day or night, to bring the healing online so to speak. I then take my awareness to where the energy is concentrated and can gauge the layout inside my body and what needs to be done. From this information I can decide either to allow it to proceed without any further intervention from me (it has its own awareness of what is most pressing, irrespective of what I might wish to happen) or, especially for tough areas, to use my mind and muscles to assist with the treatment…

We are all Skillful Divine Beings

It goes without saying that as skillful divine beings we each have a wealth of unique experiences and preferences which shape who we are. So it seems logical to me that a method of healing that is tailor-made to our distinct specifications will allow us to express our talents and creativity in the fullest way possible.

I believe we can each discover for ourselves our very own rich eclectic healing mix, with Reiki as the root (and route!) for many. Reiki Masters are continually spreading their joyous gifts of unconditional love – the basis of all healing – and by so doing are assisting humanity in raising its vibration and expanding its consciousness. They are also, if we are open to seeing it, bestowing on us another precious blessing that will enable us to take more giant steps forwards: belief and confidence in ourselves.

Spiritual Journeys and our Personal Mastery

We have reached a point where, with divine guidance, we can fly the nest and begin to explore and nurture our abilities yet further in accordance with our personal mastery and individual spiritual journeys. You might see it as youngsters having the stabilizers taken off their bicycles under the watchful eye of loving parents.

Before my life-transforming flick of the switch, I used an ancient vocal technique called Word Power to eliminate from my reality limiting beliefs about healing and being unworthy of receiving a miracle – my health condition was so poor at the time that it needed something along the lines of a miracle to deal with it.

The Infinite Bounty of the Cosmos

I had also begun to realize that expansion and integration of healing gifts can come through a variety of avenues, including a direct connection with the infinite bounty of the cosmos through the simplest of ceremonies we can devise for ourselves to suit our specific needs.

In essence, then, it seems that in response to my experimentation, my higher self facilitated a potent sort of healing. It drew upon my knowledge at the time, some of which was of course underpinned by Reiki, and it also brought new awareness which broadened my horizons and taught me to keep pushing supposed boundaries. It was a perfect match, ideally suited to my self-development and, most importantly, to addressing my health problems according to my spiritual lessons in energy transmutation.

Self-Development Reiki and Reiki Healing Mastery

Reiki Healing Mastery

Co-creating the Magnificence

If this sort of thing can happen for me, then it can happen for anyone. We are living in an exciting, dynamic age. By being modern alchemists, bold, intuitive and adventurous with the building blocks we have in hand and fusing them with celestial illumination and love, we can co-create the magnificence for ourselves and for Mother Earth. If we allow ourselves to live our dreams and become our hearts’ desires, then we truly are demonstrating the extraordinary catalytic power of Reiki. And we are also paying the best homage possible to those masters who have served before us.

By Jane White
**This article appeared in The Reiki Times, the official magazine of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

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