Grow Your Massage Practice with Reiki

As a massage therapist, you’re attuned to natural healing. You might be curious about using additional natural methods in your practice. Reiki, either incorporated in a massage session or offered by itself, is the perfect companion to massage.

What is Reiki?

The purpose of Reiki is to help a client become more whole through healing. This non-invasive energy therapy seeks to balance the body’s energy level and increase its ability to heal itself.

It’s possible to administer Reiki in several ways. Energy can flow through the hands of a practitioner and penetrate areas that need healing. Sometimes practitioners hold their hands above the client instead of touching him or her. Some Reiki professionals conduct distance sessions using Skype. Reiki practitioners also perform self-treatments.

Reiki nurtures, restores, and soothes clients and practitioners. It increases overall energy, promotes a sense of wellbeing, and reduces stress, particularly in helping professions with high burnout levels.

Reiki and Massage

Most clients interested in natural types of healing have heard about or are interested in Reiki. This is one reason why developing your massage business might be easier if you add Reiki.

Its practice is perfect for clients hesitant to remove clothing for a Swedish massage or resistant to hands-on techniques. Some therapists incorporate it during a massage to more deeply penetrate tissues with healing energy. Others add it after a full-body massage to make sure clients leave with an added dimension of and sense of wellbeing.

Since Reiki promotes healing of the individual rather than only treating a specific condition, it’s ideal for clients searching for a natural way to good health.

Concerned about how to grow your massage practice if you add Reiki? Consider word of mouth using current clients. One enjoyable way to promote your practice is exchanging services with a Reiki practitioner.

Add Reiki to Your Massage Practice

Add Reiki to Your Massage Practice

The Professional Touch

By adding Reiki to your offerings you not only add a whole new dimension to your services, but you also receive a personal benefit as well. As you know, massage is a very giving profession. The client receives tremendous benefits but you as a practitioner need to be sure to recharge yourself. When you include Reiki into your services, you receive Reiki while you are giving it. Providing an instant recharge to you to keep you on top of your game all day for your clients. You receive as they receive, you benefit as they benefit.

Are you ready to add Reiki to your practice? Align yourself with an organization that will help you make the most of your business and provide professional and personal growth and inspiration. Click here to learn more about the benefits of Reiki and how IARP can help assist you in growing your Reiki and massage business.

**This article appeared in The Reiki Times, the official magazine of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

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