Reiki has been growing in popularity throughout Canada, including within the province of British Columbia. As this treatment option becomes more widely available, a greater number of people are taking advantage of its many benefits. In the future, it is likely that the popularity and use of Reiki in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia will only continue to grow.

What Is Reiki?

First developed in Japan, reiki is an alternative therapy that can be used to support traditional medicine in helping people with a variety of different illnesses and/or complaints, from multiple sclerosis to chronic pain. Reiki works by helping to improve the circulation and flow of an individual’s lifeforce energy using specific techniques performed by a trained Reiki Practitioner.

During a Reiki session, the trained Reiki practitioner may enhance additional flow of the individual’s spiritual energy using gentle touch. They will place their hands in several specific positions either in contact with the client or slightly above the client’s body. In a typical Reiki session, which lasts for approximately an hour, the practitioner may use up to 15 different hand positions. Each hand position is typically held for a maximum of five minutes.

How Popular Is Reiki Healing?

Reiki has dramatically increased in popularity throughout all of Canada. In fact, a research study conducted and published by Insights West found that approximately one in ten Canadians surveyed reported that they had undergone Reiki treatments at some time. Among those Canadians who had tried Reiki in the past, the majority reported that the treatment was effective for their needs.

Reiki is Popular in Vancouver!

Why Is Reiki Popular?

The popularity of Reiki among people in British Columbia and the rest of Canada can be attributed to its many benefits for clients. Some of the specific benefits of treatment with Reiki include:

  • No risks
    With many other treatments, clients must accept certain risks, such as a risk of infection, bleeding or other complications. However, Reiki doesn’t come with any of these risks, making it a safe option for any individual.
  • Non-invasive
    Reiki is non-invasive and won’t cause any pain or other discomfort for clients. No medications or incisions are involved.
  • Flexibility
    Reiki may be used to potentialy help improve a client’s condition regardless of the type of ailment or illness he or she has. And it offers comfort during time of illness. Although Reiki may provide benefits specific to some ailments, anyone can enjoy the improved relaxation and diminished sensations of pain that Reiki treatment may potentially provide.

Is Reiki Effective in British Columbia Hospitals?

Even as Reiki has grown in popularity throughout British Columbia, some people have questioned whether this treatment is actually beneficial to hospitalized patients. To explore this issue, several studies have sought to determine whether Reiki offers benefits in hospitals and other medical settings.

One such study was published in the American Journal of Hospital Palliative Care. In this study, researchers investigated the use of Reiki in the oncology and infusion services unit. One of the measures in the study was the VAS anxiety score, which indicates a patient’s anxiety level. Discomfort was measured using VAS pain scores. The study found that the average VAS pain score decreased significantly. In addition, the average VAS anxiety score dropped by more than half. Furthermore, the study found that Reiki reduced anxiety among patients, enhanced relaxation and improved the quality of sleep.

Another study was published in the Journal of Palliative Care and focused specifically on the use of Reiki in Canadian hospitals. This study ultimately found that Reiki could be a valuable treatment option for patients in hospitals. Specifically, the researchers discovered that clients who underwent Reiki treatments experienced improvements in their mood, as well as reduced pain, anxiety, restlessness and discomfort. Additional studies have been conducted and published with similar results.

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In light of all of the recent research regarding Reiki’s benefits, as well as the increasing popularity of Reiki throughout Canada, it is clear that Reiki can benefit patients in British Columbia BC hospitals, clinics and other medical settings. At this time, Reiki is not available from every hospital or medical facility. However, as time goes on, it is likely that the availability of Reiki will become more widespread. IARP, the International Association of Reiki Professionals, is working toward this goal.

For patients interested in Reiki treatments in British Columbia, you may wish to consult with hospitals or other medical organizations in advance to see if Reiki is available as a treatment option or addition. Or clients may seek out a Reiki Practitioner in their area to support the medical plan and treatments prescribed by their doctor. Many people also utilize Reiki as part of a regular wellness program to help keep them relaxed and healthy. Before undergoing Reiki treatment at any facility or as an adjunct, patients should also make sure that treatments are being performed by trained and experienced professionals. Click here to find a Registered Reiki Practitioner or Teacher in your area.

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