Can Reiki Help With the Common Cold?

Humans have found ways to do amazing things like climb Mount Everest and land on the moon, yet we still don’t have a cure for the common cold. But just because you can’t cure a cold doesn’t mean you have to fall victim to the full extent of its symptoms and suffering. Reiki may help alleviate a cold’s discomfort while assisting to promote healing and recovery. Reiki may help to support your traditional medical care while healing, providing your body with the relaxation and stress reduction it needs to be back on the road to health.

What is the best way to utilize Reiki to help with the common cold? 

Here’s How:

Clean the Room

Cleaning the energy in the room or home is a good idea before you begin working on the cold. Use incense, singing bowls, chanting, sage, or whatever other methods you typically find helpful.

Balance Your Chakras

Chakra Basics

Chakra Basics

Cleaning and energizing your chakras is next. Here you can enter your usual meditative state, then imagine a ray of bright, gold light entering through the top of your head. The light travels down your spine, invigorating each chakra with its respective color. While you most likely know the chakras backward and forward, here comes a quick reminder nonetheless:

  • Crown chakra: Violet
  • Third eye chakra: Indigo
  • Throat chakra: Blue
  • Heart chakra: Green
  • Solar plexus chakra: Yellow
  • Sacral chakra: Orange
  • Root chakra: Red

Continue the meditation until you feel each chakra has been opened, cleared out, energized, and is once again spinning heartily and with ease.

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Tackle the Cold

Now you can tackle the cold. Placing Reiki’s healing touch on five different areas of your body may help alleviate the symptoms associated with each area. Hold each position for at least three minutes each, longer if you feel the need.

  • Face, alongside the nose: Place your palms on either side of your nose, ensuring they cover the area from your forehead to your upper jaw.
    May help with: Sinus issues, fatigue
  • Temples: Place a palm over each temple, with your fingertips touching the cheekbones.
    May help with: Headaches, general cold symptoms
  • Ears: Place your palms over your ears, which are acupuncture point hotspots.
    May help with:
    Tons of illnesses, including the cold
  • Back of the head: Place your palms on the backside of your skull, with your fingers touching the lower portion.
    May help with: Relaxation
  • Throat: Place your palms on your throat, specifically in the area of the throat chakra.
    May help with: Sore throat, coughing

Reiki has been likened to having “a medicine chest in your hands,” and while that may be true, there’s also no harm in supplementing your Reiki medicine chest with other cold remedies. Drinking lots of fluids helps, as does getting plenty of sleep.

A warm, saltwater gargle can bring additional relief to a scratchy throat, while a humidifier or adding moisture to the air can help unclog congestion. Eating light can also help, as it gives your body a chance to use energy for healing itself instead of digesting a heavy meal. And don’t forget one of our favorites: a cozy bowl of chicken noodle soup. Follow your doctor’s advice and, in addition, you can utilize Reiki to help potentially alleviate symptoms, reduce stress and help you on the way to recovery.

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