Reiki is for Teachers

Are you a teacher of K-12? Can Reiki assist you in preparing yourself for your classes and in creating a level of calmness and harmony in the classroom?  We say, “Yes!”

Like many people, you may teach during the week and provide Reiki sessions or classes on the weekends and in your time off from your regular occupation. As an educator or teaching professional, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a beautiful difference in the lives of the next generation. As a Reiki professional you also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a difference on a profound level as well.

Reiki for Teachers: How to Prepare Yourself

How might your teaching be enhanced by utilizing Reiki? To begin with, you can utilize Reiki to prepare yourself before every school day.

Before the school day begins, at home or prior to your day, sit quietly and say silently a meditation for the day with your intentions – such as:  Please assist me in providing a classroom environment where my students will enter calmly, listen attentively, learn easily, cooperatively appreciate the process, and leave enriched with knowledge and focus. It is your good intention for you to have the most benefit for your students that you are enhancing with Reiki.

Reiki for Calm in the Classroom

To calm yourself when the class is getting hyper, take a moment (this can be done in about 10-15 seconds anytime you wish to have an extra boost), activate your Reiki by simply intending it to flow through you and around you. Silently state your intentions to yourself such as: Assistance please to calm this class – I wish serenity, quiet, and tranquility in this environment now so that my students are best served. Note that you are using Reiki on yourself, not the class.

Reiki for Understanding

If you must speak individually to a student about a behavioral issue, why not send Reiki beforehand to yourself for the conversation for added understanding, tranquility and resolution.

Reiki to Enhance your Positive Energy Field

Remember, these suggestions are meant to enhance your positive energy field. You are not doing or sending anything to your students – just to you, your energetic field, and the situation. Through your intention and compassionate energetic expanse, you can have a calming and positive effect on your students. Think of it in terms of sympathetic resonance for your class, which is the phenomenon that occurs when a frequency will start to vibrate with another “in sympathy”, just as in string resonance which is the phenomenon that occurs when a string of a violin is plucked and a nearby violin will start vibrating at that frequency.  For our output, in class, and in our lives, let’s give off a frequency of serenity, cooperation, and kindness.

Reiki for Yourself

Also know that just by you having taken Reiki courses and by practicing on yourself, your energy has been raised in a positive way with more clarity and calm. Your presence in the classroom can have a positive effect even without the above exercises.  But you can definitely enhance your classroom experience with Reiki even more with just a little focus and silent work on yourself.


As a reward for yourself at the end of the school day, take a silent moment in gratitude for the opportunity to make such a difference in the lives of our young people, and in gratitude to have the compassion, strength, and gifts that you possess as an educator or teacher.  Blessings to you for offering your knowledge, mentoring abilities, and teaching skills in such a selfless and compassionate way. You are a true hero!

**This article appeared in The Reiki Times, the official magazine of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

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