Reiki for Lyme Disease

According to a May, 2024 US Dept. of Health and Human Services information report, approximately 476,000 people are diagnosed with Lyme Disease in the US each year. highlights a study from BMJ Global Health, which shows that Lyme Disease has likely infected more than 14% of the global population, or 1 in 7 people. The regions with the highest rates are Central Europe, Eastern Asia and Western Europe.

Some people who contract Lyme disease may experience significant symptoms even after undergoing the proper medical treatment. In these cases, Reiki may potentially help to improve some of the symptoms associated with this chronic condition.

Understanding Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is an illness caused by a specific bacterium known as Borrelia burgdorferi. This bacterium is transmitted to humans via the bite of black-legged ticks. Lyme disease causes a variety of symptoms, including a target-shaped rash, fever, chills, memory problems, nerve pain, heart palpitations, joint pain, headaches, and stiffness. Lyme disease is treated with antibiotics. However, symptoms don’t always resolve completely even after the disease has been treated. In these cases, patients have a condition known as “chronic Lyme disease,” which is characterized by muscle aches, joint pain, and fatigue.

Can Reiki help Lyme Disease

Reiki for Lyme Disease

How Reiki Can Help with Lyme Disease

Reiki is a Japanese therapeutic technique that may help with symptoms of Lyme disease. Some of Reiki’s benefits for people with Lyme disease may include:

Better sleep quality

Fatigue is one of the hallmark symptoms of chronic Lyme disease. Some studies have indicated that Reiki can improve the quality of sleep. Sleeping better may reduce fatigue among people suffering from chronic Lyme disease.

Lower stress levels

Fatigue is exacerbated by stress. Reiki may help lower stress levels, which may improve fatigue among chronic Lyme disease sufferers.

Reduced pain sensations

One of the biggest problems faced by people with chronic Lyme disease is ongoing pain, both in the joints and in other parts of the body. Research has shown that Reiki reduces patients’ perception of pain sensations. Thus, people with chronic Lyme disease may be more comfortable when participating in Reiki sessions.

Improved mood

People dealing with chronic Lyme disease may become depressed because of their ongoing symptoms. Reiki may alleviate depression and improve the mood, thus improving the individual’s overall quality of life.

For best results, individuals with chronic Lyme disease should schedule regular Reiki sessions to combat the symptoms of their ongoing illness.

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Finding a Reiki Practitioner

If you have been diagnosed with Lyme disease, keep in mind that Reiki is not a substitute for proper medical treatment. It will not kill the bacteria that causes this illness, so antibiotics are still necessary along with traditional medicine. However, participating in regular Reiki treatments may potentially help improve the symptoms of patients who have chronic Lyme disease after being treated with antibiotics and provide supportive help alongside traditional medicine with coping with the disease. To learn more about how Reiki can help or to schedule your first session, use our website to learn more at Articles and search for a registered Reiki practitioner in your area.

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