Reiki as a Gateway for Opening Spiritual Gifts

The Attunement Process

Reiki is a powerful tool that can open your spiritual gifts or speed up the journey.  All Reiki Practitioners, no matter what level they are, have gone through an attunement process.  This attunement opens the crown chakra, the heart chakra, and the chakras located within the palms.  The practitioner is also provided with ancient healing symbols. These symbols work to activate energy shifts within and around us while manifesting profound healing for the self and other people, situations, or things.

Chakras and Divine Energy

Once the attunement is complete, the chakras of the new practitioner are opened and prepared to assist themselves and others on the spiritual path. The practitioner is able to access the gift of Reiki energy and divine light any time it is thought of, but more so it cleans and opens the chakras so they are able to work at their full potential.  Should one fall out of touch with Reiki, the chakras remain sensitive to divine energy and can quickly open and clear low energies with the use of healing attunements, symbols, and intent.  The more a practitioner utilizes divine energy, the more the practitioner is cleared of energy that does not suit his or her higher purpose.  When a chakra is open we are at our fullest potential to access spiritual gifts because the upper chakras resonate with higher-level intuitive and psychic abilities.  The person also experiences a higher perceived vibration because of the chakras opening and the lower level energy is cleared.


Reiki and the Chakras: a Gateway for Opening Spiritual Gifts

Assistance From Other Higher Powers

When one is attuned to Reiki there are many Reiki guides that join the practitioner’s journey.  He or she can become open to the assistance of other higher powers as well including spirit guides, ancestors, elemental beings, Earth spirits, and angels.  These divine guides can provide significant healing information regarding the self or the client.  They can guide a person to locations of the body that would benefit by healing, provide related information as to why an area of the body is out of balance or in a state of dis-ease, and even assist the practitioner with recommendations on how to help the person soothe and heal the energetic imbalance.  Accessing the guides can significantly impact the level of healing that a practitioner can provide.

Access to Spiritual Gifts Benefits the Practitioner and the Client

The increased ability to access spiritual gifts is not limited to the practitioner as the client also receives increased benefits as well.  Reiki can also cause energy shifts in the client that work to clear low energy from his or her body.  This low energy can leave one feeling less than optimal and hinder the connection with the higher chakras.  During a Reiki session, the practitioner is attuned to sense the areas of the client that are holding energy or that is blocked and work to normalize the flow of that area.  This can include clearing the aura of blocks, repairing auric imbalances, and balancing the chakras, and working on other areas of the physical self that are in need.  Healing other physical ailments can be helpful since they are a physical reminder that something bigger is going on within the body or energy system that needs to be addressed.

Reiki and the Chakras: Clearing and Balancing the Energetic Body

Reiki and the Chakras:
Clearing and Balancing the Energetic Body

Clearing and Balancing the Energetic Body

Clearing and balancing the energetic body can increase the vibration of the body allowing a person’s energy to meet the energy of the spirit halfway.  When this energy is met halfway then the person is physically able to sustain communications from spirit. The person might be able to connect with spirit through sensing presence, physically feeling, hearing, and seeing.

Reiki also works to help prepare the mind for opening such gifts.  Chakras tell a lot of stories about what is going on with a person. Anytime we act in a way that goes against the grain of our being, an emotion relating to that action goes into our chakra potentially causing a balancing or unbalancing effect.  Generally, the reason for a blocked chakra or an over-reactive chakra can be found within that story.  A Reiki Practitioner can help their client get inside that chakra and learn why it is unbalanced; it might be a patterned way of thinking, words of someone else, or not listening to your inner self.  There are many reasons a chakra can be out of balance but resolving the issue generally goes back to the client and them mentally choosing a different path or action if they so desire.  A Reiki session invites stillness into the body paired with deep relaxation that quiets the mind making it an excellent resource for various mental states.  Most people are so busy that they have difficulty trusting their intuition or guidance from spirit.  Once the client can find stillness, he or she will be able to achieve the optimal state to meet spirit guides and to hear messages both from within or whispered in the ear if they desire.

Using Reiki to Access Memories

If a client requests and if it is in their sphere of perception, one can utilize Reiki as a means to access present or past memories or energy patterns. If memories surface, a person is able to access details and moments that might be affecting him or her in either a positive or negative way during this life.  Through this, they can cut the energetic cords so there is resolution and ending of something that is undesirable or not working for them in this lifetime. The practitioner can also use symbols and healing that can cut across time and space to the future and the past to solve low-energy situations and many other things.

Reiki and The Chakras – Preparing for Spirit

Reiki works on a spiritual level because it prepares the body and mind thus enabling the whole body to prepare for spirit. Once your body and mind are prepared then you can see more clearly, know with certainty, feel with ease, and hear what you need to know.  So regardless if you are a practitioner or a client, Reiki can fast-track you on your spiritual journey.

About the Author
Melanie Jacobs is certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui System of Reiki Healing and the owner of The Mindful Dragonfly. She is also a Hatha Yoga Instructor. Connect with Melanie at
**This article appeared in The Reiki Times, the official magazine of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

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