Reiki and Meditation – Similarities and Differences

About Reiki and Meditation

Even though Reiki and meditation can both bring peace, serenity and relief, each goes about doing so in its own special way.

Reiki Explained

The ancient Japanese healing technique of Reiki involves a Reiki master or practitioner who lays his or her hands on different parts of your body to infuse those parts with what is known as “life force energy” that flows freely through the master and into your being.

The higher your levels of life force energy, the more energetic, happy and alive you may feel. The lower your levels, the more sickly, stressed and run down you may feel.

People learn to use Reiki not only through traditional book study training per se, but rather by having the ability to use Reiki passed on to them by the teacher during a Reiki class. The passing on of abilities is known as “attunement,” and those who have undergone the process can use Reiki on others as well as on themselves.

The overall purpose is typically to enhance health, well-being and promote healing.

Meditation Explained

While Reiki uses a specific technique passed on from person to person, meditation techniques are all greatly varied. You can practice meditation under guidance at places like the Chopra Center, although the ideal method of meditation is whichever works best for you.

Meditation is a state of profound peace when the mind is alert yet still, or what can be called a state of “thoughtless awareness.”

While your mind is totally aware of the present moment, it’s completely devoid of all the restless thoughts that typically scurry through your head. You can attain this state while the body is completely still, while you’re engaged in your daily activities, while you’re walking slowly down the beach or just about anywhere – even on a crowded subway train.

The overall purpose is generally to relieve stress, improve quality of life and attain a higher spiritual awareness.

Reiki and Meditation: The Bottom Line

Because there are no laws limiting how good you’re allowed to feel, you can certainly use both methods to benefit your body, mind and soul. Reiki and meditation can serve as ideal compliments to each other, working together to produce an overall sense of well-being and peace.

**This article appeared in The Reiki Times, the official magazine of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.


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