Reiki Symbols

So much already is being said about the symbols within the system of Reiki that we might wonder, what else is there to say? Whole books have been written about them and yet…

The essence of the Reiki symbols is so simple that we could express it in one or two sentences, so simple that we often overlook it. We get carried away with all sorts of interpretations, like that the symbols are magic tools which all by themselves have energy like a magic sword.

A Japanese Tale …

There is a wonderful Japanese tale about a sword master who heard about a Tengu – a mythical creature who resided in a deep remote valley and who had a magic sword. The swordmaster took the long journey to find the Tengu and one day he found her sitting on a log in the forest with her magic sword by her side. The swordmaster said, “Please can I have your magic sword?” The Tengu replied, “I give you a technique to practice – practice it for 5 years, and then you can have my magic sword. But you have to practice every day, if you don’t practice every day you do not get it!” The swordmaster went back home and for 5 years diligently practiced the technique the Tengu had shown him.

Where the Real Magic is …

Reiki Symbols

Reiki Symbols

After 5 years the swordmaster made his way back to the remote valley and its mysterious forest. The Tengu was waiting for him, and she said, “I can see you have been practicing the technique I showed you diligently for 5 years; here is my magic sword.” However, rather than rushing forward to accept the sword with glee and gratitude, the swordmaster simply replied, “Thank you Tengu, but I do not need your magic sword anymore as I have realized that the real magic is inside of me.” The Tengu smiled and with one puff disappeared.

Tools to Focus and Re-awaken

The magical essence of the symbols is that they are tools to focus our mind upon, to reawaken a specific inner quality of our own True Self. These qualities always have been inside of us; all the symbol does is to call them forth so that we can embody them day and night.

Compassion and Wisdom

Now of course you may ask, what are these qualities? Again it is very simple. Like the essence of the symbols which can be expressed in two sentences, you can express these qualities in two words – Compassion and Wisdom.

The more we practice with the Reiki symbols, the more we find over time that we can embody qualities like compassion and wisdom without even thinking about it. As they become even more a part of our human selves, we no longer need to focus on our tools. Our own magical essence – our True Self – will provide all the focus we need.

**This article appeared in The Reiki Times, the official magazine of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.
By Frans Stiene
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