Add Reiki to Enhance Your Wellness Business

As the owner of a wellness business, you want to offer services that help your clients feel their best. Adding Reiki sessions to the services offered by your business can help your clients–and your employees–feel their best.

What is Reiki?

The ancient healing art of Reiki has been used for thousands of years to help people achieve positive physical, emotional, and mental health. Reiki is not massage–it’s the gentle guiding focus of energy through the body. Reiki practitioners work to reduce stress and create a healing environment within the body. Both hands-on and hands-off approaches can be used in Reiki.

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Elevate the Client Experience

When you offer Reiki sessions as an option to your clients, they get to leave your practice with an enhanced sense of well-being, a positive approach to life, and a flow of energy that leaves them ready to face the stressors of life.

If you own or manage a facial salon or spa, massage business, nail salon, yoga studio, upscale hair salon, wellness retreat, or day spa, you can benefit by adding Reiki to your services. Chiropractors, Natural Medicine providers and Acupuncturists can also enhance their offerings by adding a part-time Reiki Practitioner to their staff. 

The benefits of Reiki are real–studies show that Reiki session participants experience reduced heart rate and reduced blood pressure. While modern medical studies are still researching the exact biological mechanisms that are activated by Reiki, science has proven what healers have known for thousands of years–Reiki works.

Add Reiki to grow your Wellness Business

Reiki and Employee Morale

Offering Reiki sessions benefits not only your clientele and increases your business revenue streams, it also raises employee morale and can help reduce your own stress as a business owner. Win-win-win!

Reiki promotes the flow of positive energy. When your clients get to experience Reiki sessions, they feel the full benefits of all that your business has to offer. This can result in a boost in employee morale as they get to see clients fully benefit from their hard work. Offering a mini Reiki session each week to your employees helps with their self-care and job satisfaction too!

Introducing Reiki to Your Professional Practice

When clients leave your business feeling their best after a Reiki session, your business reputation gets a boost for offering positive holistic services that support the function of the mind-body connection. Hiring a professional Reiki practitioner who has been through the attunement process and classes is an essential part of offering Reiki services safely and professionally.

In order to introduce your clients to Reiki sessions, you may want to try:

  • Advertising your new Reiki services within your office and on your social media pages
  • Offering clients a short, no-charge Reiki session as an add-on to other services to help them decide whether the practice is a good fit for their needs
  • Offering both stand-alone and add-on Reiki sessions to clients, allowing them to choose whether they’d like a full session or they’d like to pair their Reiki session with another service
  • Providing literature on the benefits of Reiki in your business waiting room, creating a no-pressure way for clients to learn more about the practice

If you’re thinking about offering Reiki to your clients, you’re taking a positive step in the direction of holistic health, full-body wellness, and helping your clients get the most out of your services. Learn more about Reiki and the benefits of Reiki sessions  in the vast reserve of IARP Reiki articles.

Visit the IARP Reiki Practitioner Locator to find a qualified, dedicated Reiki Professional near you. Feel free to reach out to ask them about adding Reiki sessions to your established wellness business. Expand your business, enhance your client offerings, and experience the stress reduction of Reiki. Your clients and employees will thank you!,inducing%20a%20state%20of%20relaxation.&text=Physiologically%2C%20this%20means%20that%20Reiki,and%20increased%20heart%20rate%20variability
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