Featured Regional Ads on the IARP website for Cities, Metropolitan Areas and States/Provinces

Boost your business, grow your practice, reach more students! Enjoy a wonderful and focused NEW marketing opportunity for your Reiki practice, business, classes, or other products and services, now available at the esteemed IARP web site. With the IARP Website Regional Advertising Program, you have the opportunity to have a Featured Ad that stands out to grow your business and reach as many people as possible where you live and work.

Niche Marketing with BIG Benefits at Affordable Rates

After many requests from our beloved IARP Members, we have created an exciting advertising solution for anybody who wants more Reiki clients or students. IARP is now offering super-focused niche marketing for Reiki Practitioners and Teachers (exclusively for IARP Members only) in the form of Featured Ads on Regional pages. Our Regional Reiki pages are designed to generate quality click-throughs and leads to your website or Facebook page. The introductory rates are super-affordable. Where else can 1 click – 1 lead – potentially bring you a new Reiki client or student! One new client per month could actually pay for your monthly advertising costs and more. Also consider that one client may schedule a series of sessions over months or could become a regular client for many years.

And the intangible benefits are many also. Alignment with IARP, recognized as the gold standard of Reiki worldwide for nearly 25 years, you stand out as a respected and esteemed professional in your field. Keep reading to learn more and get started!

Enjoy Flexible Linking Choices

Choose where you would like your IARP Featured Regional Ad to link to:

  • Directly to your website, or
  • Facebook page, or
  • if you don’t have either of these, simply place your phone number on the ad so potential clients and students can call you directly.

Advertising Plans

You can choose an advertising plan in the following contract lengths:

  • 3-Month Plan
  • 6-Month Plan (SAVE 10%)
  • Yearly Plan (SAVE 20%)

Ads renew automatically and you may cancel your ad renewal at anytime up to 5 days prior to your ad renewal term date.

Ad Placement

Ads are placed on a first-come-first-serve basis. The Yearly Plans have PRIORITY placement, meaning they will display first and in the order they were purchased at the top of the advertising display grid. Then the 6-Month Plans will display, and then the 3-Month Plans. Our website is responsive, so the size of the grid and its layout will change depending on the size of the screen or monitor used to view the page. For example, the advertising grid will look different on a desktop monitor vs a mobile phone and is optimized for each.

Ad Information for Regional Pages

You can submit your own artwork OR purchase our no-hassle, quick and easy Ad Creation Service (one-time set up fee of $95). See IARP Ad options below.

More coming soon!

Los Angeles
North and South Carolina

More coming soon!

South Africa
United Kingdom

Ad Specs

If you use your own completed ad, these are the specs:
250px × 250px square
Art files must be 72 dpi, RGB.
Formats accepted are jpg, png, or gif files only.

Optional: Regional Pages Ad Creation Service

If you’d like us to create an ad for you, we offer an easy and quick way to display a beautiful IARP ad. Please view the Ad options below. Hover over each image to view the name of the background you like. Then when you are ready to purchase, choose the name of the IARP ad image, upload your profile picture or logo, type in your 3 lines of information – and you’re done! You can use a profile picture or your logo on any background. Our expert design team will adjust the size and shape of your uploaded file, and if you don’t want to use a photo of yourself or a logo, that’s OK. 

Just 3 Easy Steps!

  1. Choose an Ad background image you love from the list below. Simply hover your mouse over the ad background images to view ad image names.
  2. Choose if you would like to include a photo, your logo or leave that part blank.
  3. Choose your wording. You’ll list your name, your business name, tagline or services offered, and your phone number if you’d like.


Joseph Smith
Reiki Master Teacher
Massage and Reiki

Dr Jane Walton
Chicago Reiki Healing
Feel better now!

Maria Hernandez
Reiki for Pets

Backgrounds for your ad


We accept all major credit cards and debit cards online safely and securely using SSL technology.

Publish Dates

We publish new ads on the 1st and 15th of every month. Ads must be paid for and artwork completed and approved 5 days before the next publishing date.

Refunds and Cancellations

We want you to to be thrilled with advertising at IARP and we want to help you grow your business and reach as many people as possible. In the rare event that you may need to cancel your service, please remember that there are no refunds on any IARP Ad Plans or Ad Creation Services. You may cancel your auto-renew billing anytime up to 5 days before the auto-renew date for your next renewal plan term.

About Copyrights

By purchasing IARP Advertising Plans and Ad Creation Services, you certify and attest that the images used in your artwork are your own, OR that they have been purchased from appropriate sources for royalty-free use, OR that you have paid to properly license their use for ad purposes. You understand that you alone are responsible for any copyright infringement violations and hold IARP LLC blameless in case of any copyright infringement or dispute. IARP takes claims of trademark or copyright infringement seriously. It is within IARP’s Copyright Policy to terminate the accounts of users who may infringe or repeatedly infringe the copyrights of IARP and/or others.

Quality Guidelines and Approval Process

We will review your artwork before your advertisement goes live. Your artwork may be rejected for quality or content reasons. We will contact you in an email to request changes or to approve your artwork. IARP reserves the right to refuse service and reject your advertising purchase for any reason whatsoever.