As most of the world is social distancing, it’s only natural for Reiki to follow suit. You don’t need to miss out on your monthly Reiki share – you can host one virtually. Holding a virtual Reiki share lets you keep the healing energy flowing between yourself, your students, your Reiki colleagues and the community even when in-person options are limited.

In fact, distance Reiki is already ahead of the curve in the virtual world, as it can travel across time and space without even needing an internet connection. Getting everyone together in a virtual setting, however, gives you the added bonus of a face-to-face connection during your session.

Virtual Reiki Shares are also a great way for Reiki Teachers to connect with their students, current and past, on a regular basis.

So just how do you go about hosting a virtual Reiki share? These tips can help pave the way.

Decide on the Platform to Use

Zoom has become the most popular online platform to use for online meetings right now, but other options do exist. Many, including Zoom, offer basic online meeting options for free. Depending on the size of your group and the time length of your Reiki share, you may want to invest in a paid subscription to increase your options. The free Zoom option, for instance, allows meetings to last 40 minutes, while their paid version option is longer.

Schedule the Meeting

Once you’ve landed on the virtual meeting platform that best suits your needs, set up your account and schedule the meeting. Pick a date and time that you would normally hold your Reiki share to retain continuity and attract your friendly crowd of attendees. Reiki Shares are generally held once per month or sometimes every two months.

Send Out Invitations

People will be attending your Reiki share by using a link to enter the virtual meeting room. Email is the easiest way to send those links their way. Rather than sending out links willy-nilly, you can send an invitation asking those interested to reply. You can then send the link to only those who commit to attend.

Set the Stage

If you typically hold Reiki shares in your own home, great. You already have the area from which you can host the virtual share. If you usually hold your Reiki shares somewhere else, you can prepare an area of your home for the task. You don’t need tons of room, or even a Reiki table. A comfortable chair or sofa can do, along with any other tools you use during your Reiki sessions. Create the same atmosphere you would if people were attending in person. Perhaps some flowers, LED battery candles, crystals or inspirational pictures in the background may enhance the setting.

Follow Your Usual Format

There are several ways Reiki teachers hold Reiki shares, and you can continue to use the same general format you always have. One common format is to have one person lie down on the Reiki table while the others gather around to administer Reiki for a set amount of time. Once the time is up, the next person lies down for their Reiki treatment. The process continues until everyone has had a chance to receive Reiki.

You can translate this to the virtual scene by still having one person lie down while the others send Reiki for the set amount of time. Instead of placing their hands on the recipient, those giving Reiki can beam Reiki from their hands, can place their hands on their own bodies, or even on a stuffed animal or doll, as they move through the different hand positions.

Similar techniques can be used for other formats, with those receiving the Reiki in their own homes either sitting in a comfortable chair or lying down to receive the Reiki.

Once the share is complete, wrap it up the same way you normally would. This often involves an expression of gratitude and a bit of time for people to ask questions or share what they experienced during the session.

Once your successful Reiki share is complete, you only have one more tip to follow. Let participants know when the next one is scheduled so you can keep the momentum going and the healing energy flowing for as long as you wish. Namaste and Reiki on!

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