Applying Reiki Energy to Your Space

The energy that moves through you in a Reiki session can be applied to the space you live in and work in as well, with great beneficial effects. In fact, the Reiki you do on yourself and on others will be enhanced if the space you work in is also clear. Stuck or sticky feelings in a space can come from the residue of past experiences which can leave a heaviness behind. Energy lines from the earth’s natural fields can affect a space’s sense of balance.1

Space Clearing for Comfort

Some of these sources of discomfort are perceptible with electronic devices, others with the more subtle means of dowsing, and others still with a keen sense of intuition. While Reiki won’t always give a permanent fix to these areas of discomfort, it will certainly make for a more comfortable experience for you in your space, regardless of the origin of the imbalance. Space clearing aims to make a space feel better for its inhabitants.

Using Tools for Space Clearing

Some people like to burn incense or sage, use essential oils, or use crystals in the clearing of a space. This is very transformative and can boost the effectiveness of the work you are doing if you are personally drawn to use these tools. The herbs and resins used in this process ought to be treated as sacred partners in the process, and can assist in breaking down that sticky feeling.

Use Reiki for Space Clearing

Use Reiki for Space Clearing

Steps for Clearing Your Space with Reiki: A Visualization

Focus your intention on clearing the space you are in. Take a few cleansing deep breaths.

Visualize yourself first as grounded to the earth’s core and then also lifted to the galaxy’s center.

When you feel the balance and the movement between the two, then continue. If you don’t feel the alignment, then practice this stage until you are ready to move on, perhaps on another day.

Imagine that the breath you are in extends to the edges of your body.

Take another breath, and imagine that it is extending to the edges of the space.

Take another breath and imagine that your breath is extended in a bubble a few inches away from your body.

If this is difficult, then simply focus on the in and out of your breath.

Imagine that you are in a safe zone, a bubble, created by your mind, and carried by your breath. This visualization is very valuable so be sure to include this step.

Imagine that the space you are in has a persona, that it is like a client you are treating. Introduce yourself, be your warm and candid self in the space.

Imagine you are meeting the caretaker of the space, and explain your intentions to clear the space. Rather than imposing your own idea of the caretaker, see if an image pops up for you in response to your questioning. You can do this out loud or in your head; either way, it will set the stage for the work to flow.

Let the purest, clearest and highest vibration Reiki energy begin to flow through you into the space.

Use Byosen scanning and your own sense of intuition to guide you to areas that have a particularly sticky feeling. In those areas that are most stuck, send both your intentions and the clear energy of Reiki to fill the space.

Send Reiki through your hands to each wall, floor, ceiling, and opening. With further study and practice in Reiki, you can begin to integrate symbols in this work.

Pay particular attention to congested pathways, areas of clutter, and places people are either drawn to or gravitate away from.

While it can be helpful to clear clutter before you begin this process, you may find it is much easier to clear the mess once you have tuned in and treated the space with Reiki.

Visualize the Reiki energy filling the space in the form of bubbles, as many as can fit into the room. It is particularly helpful to imagine them as blue, but other colors may come to you, and that is fine. You might find it useful to take notes about this so you can figure out what works best for you, for next time.

Finish your Reiki session as you would with a person, by brushing down, flicking away, and cutting cords.

Once the space is feeling more balanced with the Reiki, fill the space with a clear and positive sound. This can be from a melodious musical instrument or bell, from a chant or a song in your own voice, or from prerecorded music that has a particularly high resonance for you.

Clearing Space when You are Clear

Remember, you can only clear a space to the degree that you yourself are clear. This is all about transformation – it’s as much a change in you as a change in your space that will be the result.

Why does Reiki work in a space?

It all starts with the understanding that everything is connected, and that the energy that flows through you is not that different from the energy that flows through the spaces we inhabit. Reiki has a beneficial effect not just on humans, pets, and plants, but on living spaces too.

By Maia Gilman
1 Source: Dale, Cyndi, The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, Boulder: Sounds True, Inc., 2009.
**This article appeared in The Reiki Times, the official magazine of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

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