Reiki Brochures are one of the best ways to market and grow your Reiki practice. Here are nine reasons why you should absolutely use professionally written and designed Reiki brochures as a key component of your marketing strategy.

1. Reiki Brochures are impactful.

Professionally written and designed Reiki brochures such as those offered by IARP showcase your credentials, professionalism and dedication to your profession. They are a professional representation of your commitment to excellence in your Reiki practice and also function as an effective marketing tool to help you reach more people with Reiki.

2. Brochures can help provide referrals from your clients and students.

When you go above and beyond, as we expect IARP members to do, in providing the most professional and caring Reiki sessions and classes then it is only natural that your clients and students will want to tell their circles of family and friends about you. Giving them each a few brochures to help spread the word can go a long way in expanding your reach with Reiki and helping more people who can benefit from your services. 

3. Brochures are very cost-effective marketing.

The cost of an entire order of IARP professionally written and designed Reiki brochures can pay for themelves with just one session or referral. They’re ideal for a small or large practice to effectively utilize your marketing dollars.

4. Brochures establish credibility.

A professional brochure tells the public that you are a serious practitioner with a stable business. If your brochure is well thought-out, informative and detailed, people will see you as a Reiki professional who knows what you’re doing, who cares about quality and who does things the right way.

5. Brochures succinctly and expertly describe Reiki and what to expect with a session.

IARP professionally written Reiki brochures include descriptive illustrations and discuss topics such as What is Reiki?, what Reiki sessions are like, what to expect during a Reiki session, what does Reiki feel like, how people can benefit from a Reiki session, how to prepare for a Reiki session, why schedule a Reiki session, and what do do after your Reiki session for best results. And of course your personalized contact information can be included on all IARP Reiki brochures. Brochures include a wealth of information to help potential clients decide to schedule a Reiki session with you.

6. Brochures are easy to distribute effectively.

Reiki brochures provide a 24/7 standalone marketing pitch and tool that explains your services. You can leave brochures in your waiting room, at a local store or mall kiosk or on a community bulletin board. You can mail them. You can hand them out to clients and potential clients in your Reiki office, at an open house, at health fairs and at other local events. You can pass them along during conversations. Leave a small stack of your Reiki brochures at other like-minded professionals’ offices you know such as chirporactor offices, yoga studios and others. Always have a stack with you in your car and in your purse or jacket pocket as you never know when the opportunity may arise to promote Reiki and your services.

7. Brochures are time-effective.

Brochures create a personalized one-to-one communication that’s used again and again. With a single brochure you can answer questions your clients ask as well as those they haven’t thought of yet. You can tell them everything they need to know in your Reiki brochure. Brochures can include detailed information for potential clients ahead of a session saving you time in explaining Reiki basics and setting them at ease on what to expect. 

8. Brochures establish your business authority.

Reiki brochures show that your Reiki practice is an established business and that you utilize professional business tools that one would expect as a seasoned Reiki professional. They also show that you care by offering client education on the basics of Reiki that would be important for their session and that you anticipate and want to answer professionally your clients’ questions and expectations which are discussed in your brochures. They help put your clients at ease so they can fully enjoy and relax during their Reiki session knowing what to expect and that they are truly in professonal hands.

9. Brochures create awareness of Reiki and of your practice.

It’s a stressful world, and almost everyone has aches, pains and excess tension, especially these days. People are looking for what Reiki has to offer even though most don’t know about it yet. Also, people who have heard about Reiki may wonder whether anyone nearby offers it when, in perfect timing, they may see your brochure on a community bulletin board or at a store or a friend gives them one they had tucked away. Brochures are an ideal medium for spreading the word about the benefits of Reiki and about how everyone can enjoy those benefits by scheduling a Reiki session with you.

IARP offers the highest quality beautiful professionally written and designed Reiki  brochures for your practice that tell people what Reiki is and how it can help them. You can customize them with the specifics of your practice. If you carry a few with you, they’ll help you tell the Reiki story any time the occasion arises. And they can pay for themselves with just one new client or referral from your Reiki  brochure. 

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