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#1 Resource for Reiki. Worldwide.

Celebrating our 18th Year of Loving Service to the Reiki Community Worldwide! IARP®, the...

Do you Practice or Teach Reiki?

Would you like to grow your Reiki practice and help more people? IARP is here to help...

Reiki for Self Care and Personal Growth

Did you know you can use Reiki on yourself? Imagine being able to send loving, healing...

IARP Helps You Share Your Gifts

This is the reason you first started practicing Reiki – bringing the healing power...

Reiki and Medicine

In 2014 Reiki and complementary therapies have been benefiting patients, caregivers and...

Reiki for Families and Pets

Reiki can be used for all members of your family as well as pets and animals too. Read...

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IARP Benefits Survey

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Clear Your Clutter and Free Your Mind

External clutter in our lives can add to internal clutter and stress in our heads. It...

Reiki Research – Reiki and ACS

Physiologic Effect of Relaxation Therapies on Autonomic Tone Early After Acute Coronary...

Reiki Begins a Spiritual Journey

When I first watched “The Secret” some time ago, the film’s recommendation to create a...

Reiki Rap

We love Reiki so much (and we know you do too) that we wanted to celebrate the beautiful...

Reiki… A Profound Healing Experience

Whether you experience a 20 minute session, or a full one hour session, the outcome is...

Self-Development with Reiki

One day it just happened. It was as though a switch was flicked. I had but to think...

Chakra Basics

Chakras are the concentrated energy centers of the body. Chakra is a Sanskrit term and...

Reiki Principles – Just For Today, I Will Do One Thing

As a society, we are doing more, trying to accomplish more, and attempting to fit more...

Reiki Sensations

As Reiki energies flow between the practitioner and the recipient during the Reiki...

Making Reiki Real

Making Reiki Real By Kathie Lipinski As a Reiki Master-Teacher, I have been working with...

Reiki Community

Connect with other Reiki Practitioners and Teachers in the global Reiki community....