Professional Reiki Attire for Hospital and Medical Settings

Being your professional best when practicing Reiki in hospitals, hospices, and other medical settings also includes proper attire. As part of the Reiki community, you will want to project your most professional image and let those with who you are working know that you are part of the team and that you honor protocol, and that you take your practice seriously. The correct attire for each situation can help put clients or patients at ease and can help you as a professional Reiki Practitioner blend in respectfully to the medical practice or establishment that invited you to work in concert with them. Here are some clothing options to have on hand for practicing in hospitals and medical settings, including patient sessions, volunteer work, pre-and post-op support, and assistance.

Reiki Badge Patches and Lapel Pins: We have Registered Reiki Professional Lapel Pins plus assorted badge patches for our exceptional and valued Professional Members. These can be ironed onto your lab coat or scrubs, your Reiki tote, other Reiki attire, or displayed in your office. See Registered Reiki Professional Lapel Pins plus assorted badge patches.

Reiki Clothing

Lab Coats


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