Reiki and Christianity: Should Christians Have Anything to Do with Reiki?

About Reiki and Christianity

Thousands of people who practice Christianity are drawn each year to Reiki, which traces its origins to the spiritual aspirations of a Japanese monk. Before deciding to embrace Reiki, however, some Christians question whether they should have anything to do with the practice.

Healing: The Connection

Reiki isn’t a religion or even a specific belief system. However, it has one huge aspect in common with Christianity, a religion built on the life of Jesus Christ. The primary connection between Reiki and Jesus is one of healing.

Reiki promotes healing as energy from the universe passes through a practitioner’s hands. Sometimes administered by actual touch, it can also occur from a distance. Many liken it to a laying on hands and link it to Biblical descriptions of Jesus as a healer.

For some individuals, practicing Reiki draws them closer to experiencing their religion rather than pondering its intellectual beliefs does. Reiki helps people connect with spiritual and physical healing much like symbols of Christian belief – candles, bells, incense, music – are able to do. Its practitioners teach other people to heal, just as Jesus taught others.

Reiki and the Gospels

Ideals promoted by Reiki are also principles of the Christian Gospels. Reiki teaches followers to avoid worrying and to be slow to anger. Practitioners honor not only their fathers and their mothers, but also their teachers and their elders.

Reiki and Christianity

Reiki and Christianity

Reiki urges people to earn a living honestly. The Gospel of Luke advises being honest about all things, large or small. Reiki also promotes showing gratitude to all living things. For Christians, this is about looking for Christ in others and respecting all living beings.

Many Christians around the world find that Reiki can complement their faith and assist them in their Christian principles and ideals.

**This article appeared in The Reiki Times, the official magazine of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.

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