How Reiki Can Help You Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election

Reiki Can Help You Vote

Voting in any election is a privilege and an important process to make your voice heard and your opinions count.

Oftentimes though there can be a rollercoaster of emotions, campaign promises, flipflops in policy and stances, it can get confusing for even the savviest of voters.

Let Reiki calm you and allow you to hear what’s truly important….

How can Reiki help you vote? Read on…

If you live in the USA, unless you live under a long-forgotten rock, you’ve been bombarded with news, views and loads of noise regarding the 2016 presidential election. While you’re well aware of the election, you may not be as keenly aware of factors known for swaying a vote toward or away from a particular candidate – and how Reiki can help you make the authentic choice that comes straight from your heart.

Voting Based on Driving Forces

Your vote can easily be driven by a number of outside forces, especially if you’re the type who can’t help but listen to all 2016 presidential election noise. These driving forces include:

Fear of what is

Illegal immigration! Terrorism! Poverty! Look what happens when you put a Democrat in office, you think. You must vote Republican all the way.

Fear of what could be

Blowhard promises! A veritable dictatorship! You wonder what horror will happen if Donald Trump gets in. You must vote Democrat all the way.


Your neighbor is voting for Hilary Clinton. But your boss is voting for Trump. Since your ego tells you that you are much more like your successful, high-salaried, executive genius of a boss than your nosy neighbor, you’re definitely going for Trump.

Desire to “fit in,” or belong

Even if you’re nothing like your nosy neighbor, you start to notice Clinton signs popping up in yards surrounding your home. And your book club keeps going on about how horrible Trump is. Yes, you’ll definitely go with Hilary so you can truly fit in with your neighborhood and intellectual communities. Or, you could be persuaded the other way.

Let your vote be driven by outside forces, and you’ll end up making a wishy-washy decision based on whatever force happens to be most powerful come election day. And then you’ll still go to bed fretting that you made the wrong choice.

Reiki Can Help You Vote

Reiki Can Help You Vote

Voting Using Reiki

If you’d rather have a good night’s sleep on election day, forget the driving forces. You can instead base your vote on one of the most powerful forces already at your service: your intuition.

Everyone is born with intuition, and the healing touch of Reiki can help yours wake up and jump into action. Intuition can slice through the fear, ego, need to belong, and, most importantly, all the outside noise, allowing you to make decisions based on the truth that resides in our heart.

Reiki can additionally help with your voting decision by:

Reducing stress and increasing relaxation, freeing your mind of worry and woe Balancing the mind and emotions, ideal for entering the voting booth
Opening your heart to love

You certainly don’t have to love either candidate, but you can let your voting decision, and your life, be guided by it. It’s been said that love and fear are the two basic motivating forces. And we already saw what happens when fear takes the helm.

**This article appeared in The Reiki Times, the official magazine of the International Association of Reiki Professionals.


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