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Reiki Blessings!

About the IARP Reiki Affiliate Program (coming very soon!)

Sharing Reiki has never been easier than with the Reiki Affiliate Program by IARP. IARP is THE International Association of Reiki Practitioners and we have been lovingly supporting Reiki Healing Professionals for over 22 years on a global scale.

We would love for you to join us in spreading the word about our amazing IARP benefits by becoming an Affiliate of IARP today!

It is easy to make money by marketing IARP Professional Memberships to your students, friends, and fellow healing professionals, and make a nice commission every time someone signs up.

Plus, our #1 goal is helping Reiki Practitioners grow their practices, which means more people all over the world will experience the amazing healing power of Reiki. How wonderful is that!

Is this Program for You?

The Reiki Affiliate Program by IARP is perfect for Reiki Practitioners, Reiki Master Teachers, Bloggers, Online Magazines, Social Media Networkers, Massage Therapists, Nurses, Thought Leaders in any healing/health market, current IARP Members, Affiliate Marketers, and anyone who wants to make money online.

Fill out the Sign Up Form above with your name and email address and we will let you know when the program is ready.