IARP Reiki Affiliate Program Banners Ads and Links Instructions

IARP Reiki Affiliate Program Banners, Ads, and Links Instructions

We are currently revising our Affiliate Program to add more features for 2020. Please join our mailing list and we will let you know as soon as the new program is available. Reiki Blessings!

Adding Your Affiliate Banners, Ads and Links to your Web Site

If your IARP Affiliate Account Manager has sent to you an email with your affiliate shortlink and images, you can simply add the images(s) to your web site and link them with your affiliate shortlink.

Here’s how to add banner ads to your web site from your IARP Affiliate Account:

To add banner links to your website, you will need to be able to access the code of the page, post or widget area of your web site. Or, your website platform (CMS or program) may have a way to add HTML code to your website if you can’t access the code. Please refer to the help files or tutorials that are available for the platform you use if you need help working on your website (platform or program examples are Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy Website Builder, Drupal, DreamWeaver, Muse, etc…). You may need assistance from a professional website designer or programmer if you are unable to work on your website yourself, or you can use a search engine for tutorials and answers to your questions.

1) Log into your IARP Reiki Affiliate Account and click on “MY OFFERS” in the main navigation bar at top right.

2) Scroll down until you see the yellow box that says IARP Referral.

3) Click the black “ADS” button.

4) Scroll down until you see all the banner and text ads listed.

5) Click on the thumbnails to view each banner ad.

6) Click the “GET CODE” button for the corresponding banner ad. A window then pops up with specifically-coded, trackable html code. Simply copy the code for the banner you want to use and paste it in the area (html or code area) you want the banner ad to display.

Text links are added to your website the same way. Simply copy the code from the text link you wish to use and paste it into the html editor of your website or blog.

Publish your changes and test the links to make sure they work properly.

Your Affiliate Shortlink/Pretty URLs

  1. Email your IARP Affiliate Manager and ask them to generate a shortlink for you. They will then email this to you. -OR-
  2. 1) To make a pretty URL, log into your affiliate account and click on “MY OFFERS” in the main navigation.

2) Scroll down and click on the black button labeled “LINK”.

3) A window opens up. Click the “GENERATE LINK” black button.

4) The window expands. At the bottom of this window, notice an empty box labeled “Generate Shortened Tracking Link:” Check this box.

5) Type a short, personalized name such as your name or your business name (no spaces, no special characters, use hyphens) into empty field. Click Save.

6) Copy the shortened link that is generated.

7) This is the link you will use on printed materials, in social media posts, in texts, and anywhere else you want a pretty, clean link to show that doesn’t have all the distracting tracking code embedded in the link.


Log into Facebook and paste your Affiliate Shortlink/Pretty URL into any posting on your timeline. Ideally, create a meme (an image with some writing on it) or insert a photo into the same post to get more attention. Write some compelling commentary so people will be intrigued by your post and click on your affiliate link. Once a person clicks on your link and visits the IARP landing page, a 30-day cookie is set in their browser. If they become a new IARP member within 30 days, you will earn a $25 commission.

You can boost these posts within FaceBook on your business page and set up ads as well using your own imagery, your own commentary, and your customized shortlink/pretty URL. You can also add your pretty URL on your FaceBook business page, in the OUR STORY settings.

Your Email Newsletter 

Affiliate banner ads and text ads work beautifully in email newsletters. You would use the same procedure outlined above under Website Instructions.

Your Printed Materials

Follow the instructions above for Your Affiliate Shortlink/Pretty URLs.  Put this link on your printed materials, such as business cards, paper newsletters, letterhead, etc, so people can easily type it into their browser. They will land on the informational IARP page and you will receive referral rewards commissions when they join as a new member within 30 days of clicking.

In your Email Signature

Choose an affiliate banner, text link, or pretty URL to include in your email signature. Your email program will have help files that will assist you in creating the perfect affiliate linked email signature.

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